Inamori Ethics Prize
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Inamori Ethics Prize

As part of its mission to foster ethical leadership around the world, the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence presents the Inamori Ethics Prize Ceremony annually in September. Events include but are not limited to an Academic Symposium and Ceremony/Recipient Lecture.

First awarded in 2008, the Inamori Ethics Prize honors outstanding international ethical leaders who have used their influence and actions to greatly improve the condition of humankind. Learn more about the prize.

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2014 Recipient

Denis Mukwege is a deeply committed physician and human rights activist who has worked tirelessly with and for women who have suffered excruciatingly traumatic and violent attacks in the name of war.

“Dr. Mukwege is a man of great courage and integrity,” said Inamori Center Director Shannon E. French. “The problems he addresses evoke such feelings of horror that most people avoid even thinking of them. Dr. Mukwege has helped women all over the world by refusing to turn away and demanding instead that the world confront the issue of sexual violence. He shows compassion and respect for human dignity by both treating and empowering women.”

Mukwege, who has long been an outspoken international advocate for gender equality and women’s rights, has been recognized by many organizations and institutions for both his medical knowledge and commitment to ending sexual violence in the DRC, including twice being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (in 2009 and 2013). (read full bio)

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The Honoree

Denis Mukwege is the 2014 recipient of the Inamori Ethics Prize, which will be awarded on October 1, 2014. Learn about the recipient.