Academic regalia

Academic regalia is required for those marching in the academic procession, including official delegates, faculty, administrators, trustees and platform guests. All delegates are requested to provide their own academic regalia. All Case Western Reserve University faculty planning to march in the convocation procession will need to obtain their own regalia from the University Bookstore.

How to order academic regalia

Faculty may contact the University Bookstore by phone at 216.368.2650, or fill out and print the regalia order form and drop it off at the bookstore by Aug. 11, 2014.

Download the University Bookstore's academic regalia order form. Contact the University Bookstore for details.

History of academic dress

The various gowns and hoods preserve the style of their medieval origin and indicate by color and design the degree and institution from which the degree was conferred. Black is the basic color for gowns in the United States. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long, open sleeves; the master's by its closed, slitted sleeves; the doctor's by its full sleeves trimmed with bands of velvet. The velvet on a doctor's gown may be black or a color denoting the field in which the degree was earned.

The academic hoods vary in length according to the degree and are lined with the colors of the institution by which the degree was conferred. Hoods of Case Western Reserve University are lined with blue and gray.

The colors on the inside of the hood (blue and gray) indicate that the graduate wearing the hood earned his or her degree from Case Western Reserve University. The colored velvet on the outside of the hood indicates in what discipline the degree was earned. Some examples of colors representing graduate degrees are as follows:

  • Arts and Letters, White
  • Architecture, Brown
  • Business, Drab
  • Dentistry, Lilac
  • Education, Light Blue
  • Engineering, Orange
  • Fine Arts, Brown
  • Law, Purple
  • Medicine, Green
  • Music, Pink
  • Nursing, Apricot
  • Philosophy, Blue
  • Science, Gold-Yellow
  • Social Services, Citron