Elaine G. Hadden Distinguished Visiting Author: Susan Cain

Susan Cain

Susan Cain's book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking has sparked a genuine national conversation about introverts, who comprise a third to a half of every workplace and classroom, and whose natural talents we can no longer afford to waste. Quiet is an instant New York Times bestseller, has been translated into 30 languages, and is one of the most talked about books of 2012. Cain's TED talk, meanwhile, garnered a standing ovation and smashed a first-week record with over a million views.

It's since passed 3.5 million views. Fast Company writes that Cain's extraordinary efforts have “galvanized a movement against society's blanket favoritism toward loud-talking, brainstorm-favoring extroverts.”

Cain, a Princeton and Harvard Law School educated author, has practiced corporate law for seven years, representing clients like General Electric, and was a negotiations consultant, where she trained everyone from hedge fund managers to TV producers to college grads navigating their first jobs. She has used her time in corporate boardrooms, together with her experience as both a student and teacher of negotiation, to create uniquely informative talks.

Naomi Wolf (The Beauty Myth) says “Susan Cain is a definer of a new and valuable paradigm.” In an increasingly social world, Cain shifts our focus to help us reconsider the role of introverts—outlining their many vital contributions. She spent several years researching and writing Quiet, which has won favorable comparisons to A Whole New Mind, Stumbling on Happiness, and the works of Malcolm Gladwell.

Susan Cain TED Talk

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