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1. The event is held during work hours. Does that mean I have to use discretionary hours to participate?

Volunteers will be paid just as they would if they were performing their usual work. However you will need to check with your supervisor to ensure that you can take time away from your regular duties that afternoon.

2. Does volunteering beyond my normal work schedule constitute overtime?

If an employee volunteers beyond their scheduled work hours on this day, they are not eligible to receive additional compensation.

3. I would like to volunteer, but I don't have the whole afternoon available. Are there shorter projects available?

For those with less flexible schedules, we will be offering on campus opportunities. Visit the Volunteer Projects page for more details.

4. I volunteer regularly with "xyz organization." They're always looking for volunteers; why aren't they on the list? How can I get them involved?

We picked a number of projects that we are confident can be supported by the number of expected volunteers. If you have an organization that you feel we should work with next year, contact Latisha James, Center for Community Partnerships, at

5. I take public transportation to work. How will I get to the volunteer site?

In the event that a site is not within walking distance, shuttle service will be provided.

6. Is there a dress code for the day?

All volunteers will receive a Case for Community Day t-shirt. Please dress appropriately for the activity. If you will be painting, cleaning, or landscaping, wear something that you don't mind getting dirty.

7. I have class on Friday afternoons. Are classes canceled for Case for Community Day?

Classes are not canceled on Case for Community Day. Please discuss this opportunity with your professor to seek permission to participate. If you will not be available for the entire afternoon, there are volunteer opportunities for shorter periods of time that day. Please note the projects list for details.

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