Check your calendar.

Throughout the year, Case Western Reserve University is bustling with lectures, public activities and symposia.

Whether you're attending or organizing special events, consult with university calendars to plan accordingly and to learn the breadth (and dates) of activities occurring at any time. Don't forget to note official university holidays and observances, as well as important academic dates and some deadlines.

Make friends with Google Calendar

One fast, simple way to promote your campus event is to post the event details to your department, school or college calendar.

Events that have broad audience appeal and are open to the public may also be submitted, once added to a department, school of college calendar, for entry to the University Events Calendar . Learn about submitting events.

Many of the public event listings on the University Events Calendar are not only listed on the university's home page, but can be easily added to users' individual calendars and scheduling devices through Google Calendar or iCal interfaces.