Winter Break Study Abroad

3-credit, short-term study abroad opportunities for Winter Break, fall semester credit registration.

Earn 3 credits while studying in Costa Rica, Ecuador, or India. CWRU offers three exciting opportunities for you to study abroad on a short-term program over your winter break. Students will register for the Fall semester for the 3-credit class. The courses will meet in the fall, prior to the trip over the break. There will also be a class meeting early in the spring semester. Courses count for Global and Cultural Diversity credit for students in Arts and Sciences and Humanities credit for students in Engineering. These courses are open to all students. Applications are now open.

Costa Rica
Health and Health Care A Comparative Perspective: Costa Rica and the United States (BETH 315C/415C)

Health, Human, & Social Development (SASS 375A / 575)

Global Issues, Health, & Sustainability (SASS 575/375 and EECS 342I)

Study Abroad Spring Semester 2015

Don't miss your chance to study abroad for a semester-long program for Spring 2015. The CWRU deadline for spring semester applications is September 24, but note that some schools have earlier deadlines, so it’s best to start on the application process soon. You can study in China, Spain, Germany, Australia, South Africa... there are more than 35 countries all over the world where you can study abroad! Programs are available for all majors.