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The Sexual Conduct at Case website seeks to provide empowerment through information.

Find out how to report harassment, how to help a friend who's been assaulted, and where to take a self-defense class. Learn how to navigate relationships, gender gaps, and cultural differences in the residence hall and on the job.

The Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Education Committee (SMPEC) is a coalition of university departments and organizations. Each member has a stake in the issue of sexual conduct, and all work to make the Case campus a place where respectful, responsible relationships are the norm.

In a Crisis? What To Do If:

» You or someone you know has been sexually assaulted.
» You or someone you know has been sexually harassed.
» You need to talk to someone about what has happened to you.
» You think you are being stalked.


Dial 911 for emergency assistance.
Call CWRU Police Department and Security Services 24/7 at 368-3333.
Schedule an appointment with University Counseling at 368-5872.

Your Sexual Health

Visit University Health Services and University Counseling Services for information about free, confidential, on-campus health and counseling services