Where to Go for Help: Reporting Sexual Harassment

Members of the university community who believe they have been sexually harassed are entitled to an informal and/or formal complaint, investigation and resolution process.

Any member of the university community who is consulted about potentially sexually harassing behavior must advise the complainant of the university's sexual harassment policy. In addition, if a first-hand allegation is received, they must promptly report the incident to any one of the designated university officials charged with responsibility for investigating sexual harassment complaints.

The following university officials in the offices of Equal Opportunity and Diversity and Student Affairs have been designated to receive reports of sexual harassment.

If You're a Staff Member:

Melissa Burrows
Email: melissa.burrows@case.edu
Phone: 216-368-8877

If You're a Faculty Member:

John Clochesy
Email: jmc@case.edu
Phone: 216-368-8877

If You're a Student:

Sue Nickel-Schindewolf
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Adelbert Hall 110
Phone: 216-368-2020

These officials can discuss generally how to deal with sexual harassment. They can also inform you of options for pursuing either an informal or formal resolution of a complaint.