Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

Informal Process

The university's informal process provides those who believe they are being sexually harassed with a range of options.

Advice may be given about how to communicate the unwelcome nature of the behavior to the alleged harasser. Copies of the university's policy may be distributed as a reminder to those involved. If both parties agree, a meeting can be arranged to work out a mutual resolution. Please note: once an accused harasser is identi?ed, an investigation will be conducted.

Formal Process

If informal resolution is not agreed upon or fails to satisfactorily resolve a concern, the university offers a formal complaint and resolution process. Please see the complete policy and procedures as found in the Case Faculty Handbook, Case Human Resources Policies and Procedures, the Case Handbook for Undergraduate Students or the appropriate graduate school handbook for details. The university officials designated to receive reports of sexual harassment can also provide copies of the complete policy and procedures.

Prompt Reporting

Prompt reporting of sexual harassment is in the best interest of the entire university community.

While confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, the university will make all reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of those involved in a sexual harassment complaint.

Members of the university community who violate Case's sexual harassment policy may be disciplined, up to and including being discharged for cause or being expelled from the university. Retaliation against persons raising concerns about sexual harassment is prohibited and will constitute separate grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including discharge or expulsion from the university.