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Life, Sex, Case

In practice Doing a lot of sexual exploration? Asking yourself questions about identity and compatibility, sexual preferences, and gender identity?

Maybe you're wondering about things like: is this relationship mutual? Will it last and does that matter? Do I want to be part of a couple, or keep all my options open? What is a healthy relationship, anyway?

Relationships matter—all of them—intimate, sexual relationships and friendships. Casual relationships with teammates, lab partners, and co-workers. People you play basketball with. Not-so-casual friendships with people in your dorm.

For more about the emotional, ethical, political, legal, and medical aspects of relationships visit the links in the menu.


How to help a friend

Women who are raped will go to both men and women for support. What to do if this has happened to your friend? Maybe you don't need to do anything.
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Dating rights

OK—you're relieved you won't be spending the weekend in the dorm, but you should seriously read this, starting with Number 1: I have the right to refuse.
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