Dating Rights

Whether your last date was a dream or a nightmare, you deserve a basic level of respect from friends and potential romantic partners.

Remember—you have a right to:

  • Ask for a date.
  • Refuse a date.
  • Go places by yourself, if you want to.
  • Not act macho or seductive.
  • Say "no" to physical closeness.
  • Say, "I want to know you better before we have sex."
  • Declare you want to end the relationship.
  • Expect an equal relationship with someone of the opposite sex
  • Expect an equal relationship with someone of the same sex.
  • Keep your friends while you're dating.
  • Express your feelings, and be yourself, even if that's not the "norm."
  • Change your mind.
  • Expect that your morals, values, and beliefs will be respected.
  • Say, "I love you" without having sex.

Adapted from "Handouts on Relationship Violence," from the Family Violence Network, Scott A. Johnson, 1991.