Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Education Committee Members

SMPEC Co-Chairs:

Gia Adeen (OIDEO) & Monica Yost Kiss (Center for Women)

SMPEC Sub-Committees:



Focus: Policies and protocols, official university statements, training on mandatory reporting, information in employee handbook, trainings for faculty & staff, Title IX compliance, Clery Act requirements

Sub-Committee Co-Chairs: Jeffrey Daberko & Karen Romoser
Departments/ Members:
Title IX Coordinator (Dr. Marilyn Mobley, VP of OIDEO)
Campus Police (Jeffrey Daberko)
Staff Advisory Council rep (Karen Romoser)
OIDEO (Gia Adeen)
Compliance (Boyd Kuhmer)
Office of General Counsel (Colleen Treml)
Human Resources (Shirley Mosley)
Athletics (Brandon Bianco)
School of Nursing (Marguerite “Peg” DiMarco)
Student Conduct (Director – TBD)



Focus: Mandatory incoming student education, orientation, on-going educational programs, programming for graduate & professional schools, social marketing campaigns, bystander intervention training, awareness events, bathroom poster updates

Sub-Committee Co-Chairs: Ashleigh Wade-Ndoye & Alex Leslie
Departments/ Members:
Student Conduct (Ashleigh Wade-Ndoye)
Cleveland Rape Crisis Center (Alex Leslie)
Student Affairs (AVP Sue Nickel-Schindewolf)
Residence Life (Luke Ahrens/ Kimberly Scott, alternate)
Greek Life (Amie Jackson/ Mark Starr, alternate)
First Year Programs/Orientation (Amanda McCarthy)
School of Medicine (Julie Patterson-MPH Program)
School of Law (Candice Storey/ Sarah Polly, alternate)
LGBT Center (Liz Roccoforte)
Center for Women (Shannon Lundeen/ Monica Yost Kiss, alternate)
Athletics (Kristin Conway)
Student Activities & Leadership (Colleen Barker-Williamson, Crystal Sutton/ Jennifer Brown, alternates)
Graduate Studies (Lynmarie Hamel)
Office of Multicultural Affairs (Naomi Sigg)
International Student Services (Marielena Maggio/ Camala "Cami" Thompson, alternate)
Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (Susan Yoon- doctoral student)



Focus: Judicial hearing board training, Campus Safety training, RA training, medical needs for the survivor, academic and housing accommodations

Sub-Committee Chair: Shannon Greybar Milliken
Departments/ Members:
Student Conduct/Title IX Investigator (Shannon Greybar Milliken)
Center for Women (Monica Yost Kiss)
Campus Police (Dan Schemmel)
OIDEO (Karen Newton)
Office of General Counsel (Peter Poulos)
Residence Life (Maureen Muckinhaupt/ Kimberly Scott, alternate)
Student Affairs (AVP Dean Patterson)
Undergraduate Studies (Denise Butler)
SANE Coordinators (Denise Robinson/ Kathleen Hackett, alternate – University Hospitals ED)
Cleveland Rape Crisis Center (Teresa Stafford)



Focus: Advocacy services, counseling services, other supportive services / events, UCS & UHS staff training, reporting responsibilities for privileged confidential sources, case review as needed

Sub-Committee Chair: Monica Yost Kiss (interim)
Center for Women (Monica Yost Kiss)
Center for Women MSASS graduate interns (Courtney Diener/ Amy Campbell)
University Counseling Services (Tiffany Porter/ Jes Sellers, alternate)
University Health Services (Nell Davidson, Gunny Corcoran/ Lisa Smith, alternate)
DVCAC advocate (Megan Gergen)
CRCC advocate (Karen McGrain)
Inter-religious rep (Eileen Vizcaino – Church of the Covenant)