An Overview of the Faculty Search Process

Case Western Reserve University is required by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) guidelines to maintain specific summary information about the search process, applicants and hires. The requirements below must be adhered to and submitted in total to the Faculty Diversity Officer for the granting of Affirmative Action approval. Failure to comply could have costly implications for any contracts with the federal government.

The University updates the faculty search process and information yearly.
To meet OFCCP reporting requirements the process and forms must be used.

The Chair of the search committee is responsible for ensuring that complete records are kept during the search, and that all search files are kept for five years from the dates of appointment of the candidate selected. Please save all originals for your files.

There are six steps and six forms to complete for each faculty hire.
Instructions are below. Contact Karyn Newton at 216.368.2532 or if you have questions or need assistance with this process.

Step 1:

Complete Forms 1, 2 and draft an ad.
Information to assist the search committee in drafting an ad can be found here.

Send the completed Form 1 and 2 and the ad copy to
The ad should be sent in a Word Document.

Stop: The OIDEO will approve your search and ad.
Do not proceed until you have approval.

In compliance with the OFCCP, your ad will be posted to five websites free of charge after your search and ad have been approved. These websites are:

  • Case Western Reserve University’s Academic Careers page





Step 2:

After you have received approval for your ad, you may post it to additional websites and print publications of you choosing at a cost to your department.
Send the completed Form 3A, along with copies of the ads your department placed in additional publications (if any), to

Step 3:

Start to complete Form 3B by listing all candidates who have applied for the position on the “All” tab. List all candidates who meet the minimum criteria specified in the ad on the “Qualified” tab. Individuals on the “Qualified” tab whom the department wishes to interview should have an OFCCP code of “1” entered in the appropriate column.

Please note that all applicants who have provided an e-mail address must be sent a link to the university’s Affirmative Action Survey. The survey should be sent individually to each applicant, or by BCC to multiple applicants.
The Affirmative Action Survey is located here.

STOP. Send the Form B with the “All” and “Qualified” tabs completed in electronic form to in order to receive approval for the candidate pool PRIOR to interviewing qualified candidates. You must have OIDEO approval before any interviews take place.”

Step 4:

After you receive approval for the candidate pool as listed on the “Qualified” tab, proceed with interviews.

Step 5:

Complete the “Interviewed” tab on Form 3B. Once a candidate for hire has been selected by the search committee, send the Form 3B with all three tabs completed, along with a completed Form 3C and a copy of the selected candidate’s curriculum vitae (CV), to

Step 6:

If all previous steps have been completed properly, OIDEO will issue an Affirmative Action letter, granting approval to make an offer of employment to the selected candidate. The letter will be sent via e-mail as a PDF attachment.

Step 7

Once the candidate has accepted or declined the offer, please have the department chair/dean sign the letter, then send to If the selected candidate declines the offer and the department wishes to make an offer to another candidate, please repeat Steps 5 - 7 until a hire is made or until the search committee decides to close the search with no hire made.