American Disabilities Act Accommodations

The university’s Affirmative Action and non-discrimination program encourages the employment and advancement in employment of qualified persons with a disability. Employees may disclose the nature of the disability to the Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity and a request for accommodations will be reviewed so that the university may provide reasonable accommodations to assist the employee in performing the essential functions of the position.

Submission of disability information is strictly voluntary. In addition, if there is a disability which affects the employee's performance or might create a hazard to the employee or others, then additional information will be helpful such as:

1) the skills and procedures the employee uses or intends to use to perform the job, and

2) the accommodations that the university may make which would help the employee perform the job properly and safely.

The Faculty Diversity Officer assists faculty members in requesting reasonable accommodations.
Download a Faculty and Staff Request form:
Reasonable Workplace Accommodation Form
Large Print Reasonable Workplace Accommodation Form

For more information, please contact the Faculty Diversity Officer at or 216-368-4299.