Meal Plan Information

Meal plan options (e.g. 17 meal option) which indicated a weekly reset in the table above, have a defined number of meal swipes per week and a limit of 4 meal swipes per day. Block Meal Plans, which have a semester reset, include a defined numbers of meals per semester, and meals may be used at your convenience throughout the semester. The cashier at the ‘all you care to eat’ Dining Commons will ‘swipe’ your CaseOneCard through a register which will automatically deduct one meal from your meal plan account. Don’t want to walk back to the Dining Commons while on the Case Quad for classes? You can also use a meal swipe to get a grab-n-go lunch from the “Grab-it” facility in Sears or the "Bag-It" in the Thwing atrium.

If you do not use all of your meal swipes in a week, on a weekly Meal Plan, unused meals will expire on Saturday night - they do not carry over from week to week and are non-refundable. Your meal plan account resets every Sunday morning to the number of meals included with your chosen meal plan. The Block Meal Plans do not carry over from semester to semester, any unused swipes at the end of a semester will expire and are non-refundable. Meal plan changes will only be accepted through the first week of classes.

CaseCash Information

The CaseCash included with your meal plan may be used at a variety of food and non-food locations both on- and off- campus, including the University Bookstore. If the meal plan you choose includes CaseCash, a fixed amount of CaseCash per semester is deposited into your account at the beginning of each semester. $1 in CaseCash equates to $1 of purchasing power.

If your meal plan does not include CaseCash, or your would like to add additional CaseCash for your convenience you may do so at any time in any of the following ways:

CaseCash charged to student bursars (tuition) accounts may be made in increments of $100, up to $1000 per semester, which is automatically deposited to your CaseCash account (this option was made available when you filled out your online admissions form).You must actively select to add CaseCash each semester through your bursar's account . Choices made in Fall WILL NOT be rolled over to Spring semester.If you did not choose any of these options when you signed up for your mealplan, you can request CaseCash at . Contact for more information.

Additional CaseCash deposits using Mastercard or Visa may be made at any time after the account is established by visiting

Additional CaseCash deposits using cash or check may be made at Access Services, 10900 Euclid Ave. , Crawford Hall Rm 18, Cleveland , OH 44106-7084. If you are mailing a check, please include your student name, ID number, Case email address and a signature requesting deposit. Please make cash deposits in person. You may also make cash deposits at the value transfer stations located on campus. Cash withdrawals are not available. For more information about CaseCash and the CaseOneCard, please visit

Unused CaseCash will carry over from semester to semester and from year to year, and it is refundable at the end of spring semester or upon separation from CWRU. CaseCash refunds must be requested in writing by e-mailing

NOTE: The remaining CaseCash, (including meal plan CaseCash) minus a $15.00 administrative fee will be mailed to the primary student address as is appears in SIS. Students are responsible for ensuring that the mailing address is current and correct.

Additional Meal Plan Information

Your meal plan is a contract between you and the University and may only be used by you. Meal swipes and your CaseOneCard are non-transferable; however you may use your CaseCash to purchase a meal for anyone you wish as long as you accompany them. Items are not permitted to be carried out of the Dining Commons.

Each meal plan participant can use board swipes at Leutner or Fribley Commons, Rough Rider Room and L3 . In addition, a board swipe is available once per day at either Grab-It or Bag-It. Twice weekly, students can use a meal swipe at a combination of any of Denny's All Nighter, TVUC retail locations or The Jolly Scholar( Note: Jolly Scholar is limited to once per week and TVUC is limited to after 2pm weekdays)


Guest Meal Passes

Meal Plan participants will be allocated a certain number of guest meal swipes each semester. This will allow you to use one of your meal swipes to host a guest at meal-swipe locations. Guest Meal Swipes will not be active until after the drop/add period (first two weeks of class).

* Number of passes available depends on which meal plan you are on. Students must accompany the guest. Student must swipe in for the meal first and then request that the guest meal swipe be entered at the register. One regular meal will be deducted from the student's balance for each guest pass used.


Meal Plan Exemption Procedures:

Students are encouraged to meet with the Bon Appetit on-staff dietitian and the on-site dining managers to discuss needs and preferences in the meal program. Every effort will be made to accommodate students within the existing framework so that students can fully participate in campus life here."JUST ASK" is a cornerstone of our campus dining program.


Only those students who can document severe medical reasons why the dining service contractor cannot supply dietary needs will be considered for exemption from the meal plan.

  • Students seeking release who are required to have a meal plan should submit the following items to the Office of Disability Services with their release request:
    • A signed letter dated within the last six months from your physician/specialist is required on his/her letterhead.
    • A nutritional plan including:
      • A brief introductory paragraph explaining your circumstances (optional).
      • a 7-day menu outline
      • Identification of purchasing sources
      • Special preparation instructions
      • Where food will be prepared
  • All requests requiring individual consideration will be forwarded to the Meal Plan Exemption Committee. Medical Information will remain confidential.
  • Please note that a request for exemption does not guarantee that you will be excused from the meal plan.
  • Exemptions are not automatically renewed from academic year to academic year. If you do not reapply, your meal plan will be reactivated.


Until a decision is reached on your meal plan exemption request you should continue to use your meal plan. Choosing never to use your current meal plan will not exempt you from any meal plan charges for the semester you apply for your meal plan exemption if your exemption request is denied

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