Frequently Asked Questions


I signed up for a meal plan but I want to switch. Can I do this?

Each semester there is a window of time to change the meal plan option you chose from the housing website at . The option for meal plan changes ends on the first Friday of the semester, at 5:00pm. After this, it is no longer be possible to change plans for the semester.Your meal plan selections for Fall will automatically roll over to Spring. Please note that not all mealplan selections are available to all students.


I appear to have Meal Plan CaseCash and CaseCash? What is the difference?

The two types of CaseCash are identical in their use. When you swipe your card, it will automatically use MealPlan CaseCash first until it has been depleted. However, the timing of deposits to your CaseOneCard may differ. Meal Plan CaseCash is available for use at the time your semester meal plan begins. You may add additional CaseCash at the CaseOneCard site using a credit card or through housing for billing to your tuition account. Credit card additons are available for immediate use while billings through your tuition account will be added to your CaseOneCard a few weeks prior to the start of each semester. Unlike meal plan selection, CaseCash selection through your tuition billing, will not roll over semester to semester. If you wish to add Casecsh to your tuition bill, you must actively opt to do so prior to each semester.


How can I check my CaseCash and Meal Plan balance?

Once you have registered your account at the eaccounts site, you will easily be able to check your balances and run reports. Your parents may also use this link to do a guest deposit to your CaseCash account. This is straightforward and useful. However if you have registered prior to July12, 2014 you must reregister as the site has changed.See below.

Due to a necessary upgrade of the BlackBoard Transaction system July 9-12, 2014, all E-Account users must reregister at the following website in order to gain access to their transaction data.
Be sure to provide your first name, last name as well as your 7digit student or employee ID number. ( SIS). Please note that this is NOT the ISO# printed on the front of your card, nor is it your netword id .Please fill out the form in its' entirety and press continue. You will receive a confirmation email ten to fifteen minutes after registering.
We apologize for the inconvenience.



If I sign up for a meal plan, can I bring a guest to the dining commons?

Your meal plan is a contract between you and the University and may only be used by you. However, Meal Plan participants will be allocated a certain number of guest meal swipes each semester. This will allow you to use one of your meal swipes to host a guest at meal-swipe locations. Guest Meal Swipes will not be active until after the drop add period (first two weeks of class).


If I do not have a meal plan or I wish to bring a guest and have used my guest passes, can I purchase a meal at the dining commons?

Yes, any member of the CWRU community can purchase a meal at Fribley or Leutner Dining Commons for a guest or for their own use at the casual meal rate that is posted in each dining hall using cash or CaseCash. These meals are all you can eat.

Rates for academic year 2014-2015, for the single time all you care to eat meal are:

Breakfast 7:00am to 10:30am


10:30am until closing