Catering on the Case Campus

University Catering Policy

Bon Appétit is the University's current food provider and, as a strategic business partner, recommended for any catered function or affair. Bon appétit offers a full range of catering services and arrangements can be made by calling 216.368.4548 (fax 216.368.1866). For those authorized, the services of Bon Appétit may be purchased by providing the catering office with a CWRU departmental speedtype against which to charge the event.

Suggested Outside Caterers

This list is intended to be exclusve for events $500.00 and more,and for events less the $500.00 to serve as a tool for use by the campus community. It is left to individual clients to determine the appropriateness of caterers for specific events, and to assess the value of their product and service. Caterers who we consider outside are those who use their own staff, utensils, and serves on University property. Those who appear on the list meet the following criteria:

  • Have a successful record of service on campus
  • Acceptance of the University's payment terms and conditions
  • Have a signed standard Case Catering Agreement on file
  • Have proof of Insurance/Power of Attorney on file at the University

The CWRU campus remains open to the use of outside caterers under $500. Events $500 or more must use the preferred caterers with the following restrictions:

  • Dively Executive Education Building is restricted to A Taste of Excellence. Call 216.368.0020 or email for assistance. If you would like more information
  • The Manor House has a list of preferred caterers. Contact Patty Gregory at 216.368.0274 or via email for assistance.
  • Residence halls and the dining commons are restricted to Bon Appétit

In all other campus facilities, the client may choose to use the services of our on-campus or off-campus preferred caterers. The University has placed a restriction on events at or over $500.00. A preferred caterer must be chosen from the preferred catering vendor list. A Peoplesoft E-Procurement requisition must be created prior to the event.

Event planners must obtain price reasonableness in the form of two quotes for all events between $10,000 and $25,000. Three written competitive bids are required on events $25,000 or more. You must create a Peoplesoft E-Procurement Requisition prior to the event and a purchase order will be issued. Failure to do so will result , at a minimum, in a delayed payment to the vendor.

Procurement Options and Procedures

All catered events of $500 or more require a requisition which must be processed and the PO# issued prior to the event. After the fact requisitions may result in significant delay in payment and other penalties.

If your catering order is less than $500, and the even is on campus, you may use a departmental D-card. Off campus, a CWRU T&E Card or individual credit card can be used. A PeopleSoft E-Procurement requisition can only be used if the vendor is on the preferred catering list. Bon Appétit will continue to journal all events. However, any Bon Appétit event of $5000 or more will require the approval of the requestor's supervisor.

If your total Bon Appétit purchase is... Then contact...
less than $5000 the Bon Appétit Catering Office at 216.368.4548
$5000 or more the Bon Appétit Catering Office at 216.368.4548 (Departmental Approval Required)
If your total non-Bon Appétit purchase is... Then use...
less than $500 a CWRU T&E Card, Individual credit card, or PeopleSoft eProcurement Requisition (For Preferred Vendors only)
$500 or more a PeopleSoft eProcurement Requisition

Payment Requests will not be made to individual caters for purchase of catering services.

For help, please contact Mary Luberger via phone (216.368.1666), fax (216.368.1096), or email.