Issue 6, August 2014

Welcome to the Team Sue Vadino & Connie Hannah-Bennett; Technical Team Update: Graduation Load & 2014 Alumni Survey Results; iModules Update: Deletion of Images & Purging Saved Drafts; Online Giving & Tax Receipts; Pledge Reductions/Modifications; Can't Locate That Scanned File?; Reporting Updates: Troubleshooting Reporting Errors; Featured Report(s): Kitchensink Entity, Bio with Giving Alternative; Advance Jargon: Attainment, Auction, Benefit; Reminders: Changes to Appeal Codes, Browser Recommendations... Read More»

Issue 5, May 2014

Happy Retirement Diana Pollack!, Technical Team Update, iModules Rollout Update, Checking if an Entity is 'No Mail', Gifts-in-Kind: Donating a Piece of Artwork?, For Your Reference: New Advance Training Manual, Reporting Updates: Reachable & Solicitable Inputs Coming Soon, Featured Report(s): Acknowledgment Report, AF Account Summary Report, Alumni Within Field of Work/Specialty, Advance Jargon: Annuity, Echelon Rating, Planned Gift... Read More»

Issue 4, January 2014

Looking Ahead to 2014, New Features in Advance Upgrade to 9.9.0, ADM: Advance Document Management, iModules/CWRU Connect Update, iPad Desktop Site Issue, Reporting Reminders regarding Campaign Reports & Monthly Reports. Featured Report(s): Employer Lookup. Advance Jargon: Campaign, Honor Roll, Stewardship... Read More»

Issue 3, August 2013

Sue Linson & Irene Szmania Retirement, Michael Maire Welcome, Honor Roll Process, Devreq: Spec'ing Them Out, We Love Numbers!, Advance Reminders, Kitchensink Changes, New Report: Active Pledges Report. Read More»

Issue 2, May 2013

Fun Advance Features: Go To, Last Viewed, VCR, Static vs. Dynamic Data, Saving Clipboards in Advance, Advance Reminders: Daily Reset, Avoid Clicking Unsubscribe, Before Submitting Bio Updates, Advance Jargon, Reporting Changes, Featured Reports: Account Summary, Active Will Commitment, Reunion Years. Read More »

Issue 1, February 2013

Submitting Gifts & Account Numbers, Shadow Databases & Submitting Bio Updates, When to enter Contact Reports, Prospect Research Reminders, Maintaining & Closing Proposals, Central Files Reminder, Featured Reports: Fiscal Year Attainment, Annual Funds, Zip Code Lookup, Degrees & Majors Report. Read More »