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Happy Retirement!

She has been the face of the Advancement Services department for the last fifteen years, answering your calls, accepting your charitable contributions and assisting with scheduling, among many other duties. Diana Pollack, our department's administrator, has retired her Advance access for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Congratulations, Diana! We wish you an enjoyable retirement.

Technical Team Update 

The Advance 9.9.0 upgrade is now complete. Users will notice the following enhancements:

Report Filtering allows users to filter the Canned Report list by utilizing a keyword search.

Exporting a Context Sensitive Report will look slightly different, as a new version of Crystal Reports was included in the 9.9.0 upgrade.

iModules Update 

We began rolling out the functionality successfully to each school this past winter and have worked hard to streamline our internal protocol according to your feedback. As it stands, the new email component of iModules is now fully operational.

We have also finalized our university email policy and have made it available for review on the Advancement Services website (found under ‘iModules Training & Manuals’).

We look forward to growing a cohesive mass email presence and we thank you for your participation in the rollout of this new email system. Please email with any mass email/iModules-related questions.

Checking if an Entity is 'No Mail'

If an entity has instructed us to make them No Email or No Mail, the data team will edit this information in Advance under 'Biographic - Mailing Lists'. If an entity is coded 'No Email' or 'No Mail', that specific information will be suppressed on their Entity Overview screen. Questions?

Donating a Piece of Artwork?

A donor contacts your department and would like to donate a beautiful piece of artwork to the university. That's wonderful news! How does that donation get entered into Advance, you might ask? Gifts-in-Kind are donated tangible and intangible assets and property such as real estate, art, books, equipment, automobiles, inventory, personal property, and other physical assets or materials which represent value to the University. For more information on Gifts in Kind, click here.

• The donor must secure an independent appraisal which states the value of the gift.

• A written article must be submitted to Advancement Services, indicating the gift-in-kind was desired by CWRU and was received, on site.

• Gifts-In-Kind are processed in Advance with their appraised value garnered from an independent appraiser. If no appraisal is available, gifts-in-kind are entered with a value of $1.00 into the Advance database.

• The official tax receipt will be sent out by Advancement Services. These tax receipts do not reflect any valuation in accordance with the IRS rules. Instead, a description of the item given is provided.

• The donor should work with their tax consultant regarding the official amount of the charitable donation.

For Your Reference... 

There is a new, comprehensive Advance Training Manual (.pdf) found on the Advancement Services website under Advance Manuals & Documentation.

Additionally, users who would like to refresh their Advance knowledge are always encouraged to register for a ‘Second Look’ session via the Advancement Services website.  Second Look sessions are free-form and are geared towards Advance users who wish to revisit any area of Advance training.

Reporting Updates

Canned Reports  
The listing of canned reports below currently allows users to pull ‘Reachable’ entities. Keep your eyes open, as our team is editing the listed reports to include the option to pull on either ‘Reachable’ or ‘Solicitable’. For a refresh on the difference between reachable and solicitable, click here.

Alumni within Field of Work
Birthday Report
Degrees Report
Majors Report
Employer Lookup Report
First/Second Time Donor
Sports Report
Student Activity Report
Top Donors Report
Volunteer Activity Report

Featured Report(s)

Acknowledgment Report
This report is available to those who have taken Advance Giving.

This report is frequently used to write acknowledgment reports.  It pulls an excel list of all charitable donations to a particular school.  Users should use caution when running this report as it can include deceased and do not contact entities. Do not use this report to solicit.

AF Account Summary
This report is available to those who have taken Advance Giving.

This report displays a school's Annual Fund cash dollars for a specified date range.  Users should contact their school's budget office with account balance inquiries.

Alumni w/in Field of Work
This report is available to those who have taken Introduction to Advance.

This report pulls a list of reachable alumni who have indicated they work in a particular field of specialty.  Users may also limit their search to a specific school and zip code radius.

This report produces a clipboard (C), from which any context sensitive report can be run.

Advance Jargon

In an annuity, the donor transfers assets (cash or securities) to CWRU and the university, in turn, pays the donor/beneficiary payment for life.

Echelon Rating
Echelon Rating is a type of prospect rating and is defined as the measure of a prospect's liquid asset values.

Planned Gift
Also known as a 'deferred gift'.  Planned Gifts are not realized by the organization until some point in the future.  Examples of planned gifts include will commitments, charitable gift annuities, trusts and life insurance policies.


Daily Reset Times
The Advance reset times have been changed to 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. We suggest avoiding data entry during these times as the system may log you out prior to saving.

Logging Off
Instead of simply closing your browser, please ensure you click 'Log Off' when exiting Advance. This will ensure your session has ended.

Staffing Changes:
When an Advance user departs or changes positions at CWRU, please notify to ensure their access is either shut off or is in accordance with their new position. 

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