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Fun Advance Features

Highlighted below are a few fun Advance features. Please contact with questions.

Go To...

The Go To feature allows you to quickly navigate to a certain screen on an entity's record by typing in the mnemonic application code along with the entity ID they wish to search. For example, click Go To and input the following: Application = ADDR and Open With ID = 12345. Advance will take you directly to that entity's address screen. The Go To icon looks like a pointing finger and can be found on the top navigation bar.


Last Viewed...

The Last Viewed function allows you to search for recently viewed information, including entities, prospects, proposals, contact reports, etc. You can access this feature from the bottom section of the home screen titled "Last Viewed", or from the eyeball icon on the top navigation bar.



The VCR feature allows you to flip through the same page of a clipboard list of entities. For example, let's say you have a clipboard list of 113 entities and want to view each entity's Activities page. From the clipboard, click on the first entity in the list, go to that entity's Activities page under Biographic, click Actions - VCR and click through all 113 entities using the Clipboard Information VCR box.


Static vs. Dynamic Data

Avoid Shadow Databases...

Advance is comprised of both static data and dynamic data. Static data is data that does not change, such as an entity's gender. Dynamic data is data that has the possibility of changing, such as an entity's address, employer, telephone number or email address. We can expect an entity's record to change periodically as biographical changes are submitted, new gifts are recorded, solicitation codes change, and contact reports and proposals are entered. This explains why it is so important to run data from Advance as frequently as possible. It is also important to avoid keeping shadow databases (running reports and saving the exported spreadsheets, assuming that data will still be accurate in a few days, weeks, months).

Saving Clipboards in Advance...

This brings us to the concept of saving clipboards in Advance. Clipboards are usually saved as quick, temporary lists to load event or appeal codes, submit a mass email request or run a context-sensitive report. Once codes are loaded, email requests are submitted and reports are run, there should be little reason to keep a saved clipboard.

For example, let's say you are hosting an event and run a list of Active, Reachable Alumni from the School of Medicine, Class of 2006 with a Preferred Address in Texas. If you marked the saved clipboard "Permanent" instead of "Temporary" and continue using the clipboard in the future just be aware that you are saving the results of the search which could change based on dynamic data. Let's say in the next week 10 entities on your saved clipboard move from Texas to California. If you re-run the same clipboard in Advance the following week those 10 entities would still appear on your clipboard even though they no longer have a preferred address in Texas because the clipboard was created with your original criteria in mind. Bottom line? Re-run your search criteria in Advance as often as possible and avoid saving clipboards for more than temporary purposes. Note: Clipboards coded Temporary will auto-delete after 30 days.

Advance Reminders

Daily Advance Reset...

Just a reminder that Advance resets every day at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. We suggest avoiding data entry (contact reports, proposals, prospect travel tasks or next steps) during these times as the system may log you out prior to saving.

Avoid Clicking "Unsubscribe"...

All new Advance users are added to is-email alias. Every time a mass email is sent to our Advance entities using the Advancement Services mass email request form, the list is copied. This allows our Development & Alumni Affairs staff to stay informed of the communications being sent to our alumni and donors regarding new programs, announcements and upcoming campus events. If you wish to be removed from the mailing list, email Please avoid clicking the unsubscribe link embedded in the email.

Before Submitting Biographical Updates...

Prior to submitting biographical updates to confirm the new data is not already in Advance. For example, prior to submitting a new email address, navigate to the entity, click Biographic, click Email and make sure the new email is not already entered. Just because certain data is not visible from the Entity Overview screen does not mean it is not in Advance. There are instances where an entity's email address is in Advance, butit is possible the entity requested to be placed on a No-Email Mailing List or is coded No Contact Requested. Both situations would prevent that entity's email address from being visible on the Entity Overview screen.

Reporting Changes

Account Summary DV150/152 - Users now have the ability to search on numerous account numbers instead of only 6 at a time. When searching, separate each account number with a comma or semicolon.

AF Comp Stats Download (D) - Now called the AF Compstats LYBUNT Download. Additional export columns added to this report.

AF Compstats Summary and AF Compstats Details - The AF Compstats Summary and the AF Compstats Details reports display upgrade, downgrade, new, lost, and reinstated donor data in a downloadable format. The Summary provides a high level view while the Details report provides the detail behind the summary.

Featured Reports

Account Summary Report DV150/152... This report displays all charitable transactions deposited into a specified account (users can now search on multiple accounts at one time using commas to separate each account number). Users have the option to limit to date range and gift amount. This report is available to users who have taken Gifts training.

NOTE: Advance tracks only charitable contributions made to the university. If a user wishes to how much is currently in an account they would need to contact their school's budget office.

Active WC Report... This report provides a list of all active will commitments based on the school selected. The export provides the donor's age, pledge number, pledge date of record, pledge amount, school and age range.This report is available to users who have taken Gifts training.

Reunion Years & Reunion Years-Alt Reports... These two reports are often used by each school's Alumni Affairs office to prepare data for Alumni Weekend. These reports produce lists of active alumni from selected reunion years and can be limited by school, undergraduate and/or graduate degrees, and by solicitable or reachable.

The Reunion Years report is available to users who have taken Intro to Advance training. Reunion Years-Alt Report requires Giving training and pulls AF and NonAF giving information by school.

Advance Jargon

Cash vs. Commit... CASH (aka Private Support) is calculated by adding outright gifts, matching gifts and pledge payments. Pledge payments made in the current fiscal year as well as payments made on pledges made in previous fiscal years are included. COMMIT (aka attainment) is calculated by adding outright gifts, matching gifts and pledges. *Never add Cash and Commit numbers together.

Legal vs. Soft Credit... LEGAL credit is given to the entity who signs the check to the university. The Legal Donor also receives Soft Credit. SOFT CREDIT is also given to associated individuals. For example, the spouse of a legal donor may receive soft credit. Another example would be an instance where a foundation is the legal donor. In that situation the foundation would receive both legal and soft credit while the associated donors would only receive soft credit.

Gifts-In-Kind... Donated tangible and intangible assets and property such as real estate, notes, mortgages, limited partnership interests, royalty or copyright interests, books, art, equipment, automobiles, inventory, personal property and other physical assets or materials which represent value to the university.

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