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Looking Ahead to 2014...

Happy New Year! The Advancement Services team is finally crawling out of the deluge of year end gifts that we received.

We had a very busy year first half of fiscal 2014. We have processed 15,000 gift transactions and 2,500 pledge transactions since the beginning of the fiscal year. 3,600 credit card transactions were processed, totaling $1.6M. Credit card transactions include all online, student calling center, and manually processed gifts and payments.

We have been busy on the bio maintenance side, too. We have completed 30,000 address changes since July 1 and currently have 63,700 active email addresses for our 107,000 reachable alumni.

Looking ahead, we will be dropping our annual alumni reunion survey on February 25, 2014. We are in the last year of a 5 year survey cycle. This time, we will be mailing to all reachable alumni with a class year ending in 0 or 5 if they have not responded to any other survey. A new document management system (ADM) was unveiled on January 21, 2014, which will replace documents currently found in Entity Notes and we have now turned our attention towards working on the next upgrade to Advance, v.9.9.0.

Advance Upgrade to 9.9.0

To keep pace with the current release of our application, the current version of Advance will soon be upgraded to the newest version, 9.9.0. Users will notice the following enhancements:

Report Filtering allows users to filter the Canned Report list by utilizing a keyword search.

The Entity Update Request Form, found on the left hand Page Tree under 'Lookups', has been updated to include more input fields. Users can submit biographical updates using the Entity Update Request form or by emailing

Document Management (ADM)

Advancement Services will be utilizing a new tool, Advance Document Management (ADM), to scan documentation into the Advance database.

Previously, all scanned documentation pertaining to an entity was located in 'Prospect Tracking - Notes'. As of January 21, 2014, documentation will now be scanned into Advance and placed in more specific locations related to the document type in question. However, for the time being documentation scanned prior to January 21, 2014 will remain in Prospect Tracking - Notes. For example, gift backup or gift acknowledgment letters can now be tied directly to a specific gift receipts.

At this time nothing else pertaining to the Document Scanning Policy has changed. Click Here to review the Document Scanning Policy.

iModules/CWRU Connect

Our new online Alumni Directory will has been named, “CWRU Connect”. We are currently in the process of testing CWRU Connect with an alumni beta group. We will introduce Alumni users to the directory through the winter and spring months using a staggered approach so we can carefully monitor the flow of data and make appropriate adjustments to the directory and Advance as needed.

The email capabilities of iModules are now in use within a few schools. Our goal is to begin rolling out the email module to each school throughout the winter. Individuals using iModules will be responsible for building email content, querying constituent email lists, managing the email calendar as well as viewing email analytics and reporting.

For the time being we will work with schools and departments individually to streamline the process, see what needs to be improved and develop a strong University email policy. We expect this time period to be extremely beneficial to our goal of delivering a durable and efficient email tool. Advancement Services will be reaching out to you during this initial period to bring you on board with the email module.

iPad Desktop Site Issue

A few users have contacted us with questions pertaining to their Advance viewing capabilities on their iPad. Follow these steps to view Advance on your iPad with the same functionality as if you were logged in on your desktop:

1) Open Google Chrome for iPad
2) Go to
3) Click the 'Tools' icon in the top right of the browser
4) Select 'Request Desktop Site'
5) Log into Advance with your CWRU ID and Password

Reporting Reminders

Campaign Reports
All Campaign-related reports are distributed monthly by Cindy Creegan, Executive Director of Advancement Services, to executive level development staff members. Questions pertaining to Campaign Reporting can be sent to Cindy Creegan.

Monthly Reports
Monthly Reports reports are distributed by Cindy Creegan, Executive Director of Advancement Services, to executive level development staff members. Questions pertaining to Monthly Reporting can be sent to Cindy Creegan.

Featured Report(s)

Employer Lookup Report This report is available to those who have taken Introduction to Advance.

It allows users to search for employees of a particular company by entering the company's entity ID or company name. The report allows users to limit to alumni, non-alumni or both. It is recommended that users search twice: once on the employer ID (corporate group record entity ID, if applicable) as well as once using the employer's name.

This report creates a Clipboard (C), after which a context sensitive report can be run.

Advance Jargon

A campaign is an intensive fundraising effort designed to raise a specified sum of money within a defined time period to meet the varied asset-building needs of an organization.

Honor Roll
The Honor Roll of Donors is a publication produced annually by each school within the university to acknowledge the many donors, alumni and friends who have donated to the university.

Stewardship is a process whereby an organization seeks to be worthy of continued philanthropic support, including the acknowledgment of gifts, donor recognition, the honoring of donor intent, reporting on fund financial progress to donors, and the effective and efficient use of funds to further the mission of the organization.

Advance Reminders

Daily Advance Reset
Just a reminder that Advance resets every day at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. We suggest avoiding data entry during these times as the system may log you out prior to saving.

Devreq Submissions
Allow at least three days lead time when submitting devreqs. Remember to think through the scope of your entire project, outlining the entire purpose of the submssion, the specific search criteria, and the desired output fields. If your devreq is a 'Refresh' of a previous devreq, include the old devreq ID. Providing these details will expedite your request.

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