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Advancement Services Newsletter/issue1/FEB2013

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This newsletter is published by the Department of Advancement Services at Case Western Reserve University. Please visit our website for additional information including Advance training registration and documentation, giving policies and procedures and prospecting and proposal information.


Featured Reports

Fiscal Year Attainment

This canned report can be run multiple ways to display year-to-date totals in comparison to the previous fiscal year (monthly data is available from FY2004 onward). Users can select to run this report for any school by source, purpose or transaction type and can pull on either cash or commitment giving.

NOTE: The numbers in this report are considered final at the end of every fiscal year. Users must submit a devreq to see the transaction detail behind this report. This report is only available to those who have taken Gifts training.

Annual Funds Report

This canned report shows annual fund attainment vs. goal year-to-date with comparisons to the previous three fiscal years. Users should select the most recent run date to populate data for the previous month's end.

NOTE: The numbers in this report are considered final at the end of every fiscal year. Users must submit a devreq to see the transaction detail behind this report. This report is only available to those who have taken Gifts training.

Zip Code Lookup

Are you looking for a list of alumni, donors or prospects who live in a certain area?

This canned report allows users to search for entities (alumni, donors or prospects) that live a certain distance from a specified zip code. This report sends the results list to a clipboard whereby any context sensitive report can be run. This report is available to those who have taken Introduction to Advance training.

Degrees/Majors Reports

Are you looking for a list of CWRU alumni with a certain degree or major?

The Degrees Report and the Majors Report pull lists of active, reachable CWRU alumni with a specific CWRU degree or major. Users are able to select three possible degrees or majors per search and are able to filter on graduation year and zip code radius. This report is available to those who have taken Gifts training.

Central Files

In addition to entering contact reports, we ask that all incoming and outgoing correspondence between any Advance entity and CWRU staff be filed with our Central Files department located at BioEnterprise, 11000 Cedar Avenue, Suite 300, LOC 7035. Click here for the complete Central Files policy and request procedure.

When submitting:

Include first name, last name and entity ID on the documentation. Avoid stapling.

Print and send all substantial email correspondence between the entity and the university representative.

Print and send both accepted and rejected proposals.

Print and send items such as acknowledgement letters, personalized letters from students thanking donors for their scholarship contributions, other personalized communication, etc.


URIS Email Aliases

Advance Training/Helpdesk:

Devreq Submissions:

Biographical Updates:

Prospect Assignments:

Prospect Research:

Advancement Services

The Mission of Advancement Services is to support Case Western Reserve University in serving society as a leading center for education, research, and world and community leadership. We accomplish this by providing high quality technology and information management services for our advancement professionals both in central university relations and the individual schools. Services provided include Gifts Processing, Biographical Maintenance, Central Files Repository, Prospect Identification and Research, Prospect Management and Tracking, Reporting and Analysis and Advance Technical Support.

Giving @ CWRU

Submitting Gifts

Send all charitable contributions directly to the Advancement Services gifts processing department as soon as possible after receipt to ensure timely gift entry and acknowledgement. Do not hold checks and do not deposit charitable donations at the cashier's office. Checks/gift paperwork can either be hand delivered or mailed to gifts processing using the campus courier boxes:

11000 Cedar Avenue, Suite 300
Advancement Services, Gifts Processing
Location Code 7035

Account Numbers

Remember to include account number and allocation information with all donor paperwork. Also include the Advance proposal ID, if available. This provides the gifts processing team direction on where to allocate the funds.

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Biographical Maintenance

Shadow Databases

Advance is the university’s database of record. Along with various other methods, our biographical maintenance team works tirelessly to keep Advance data as clean as possible. We strongly discourage the use of shadow databases which will inevitably contain outdated information. Always pull data directly from Advance.

Biographical Updates

Advancement Services appreciates your commitment to keeping the university's Advance data as accurate as possible. Just a reminder to send all biographical updates to uris-data@case.edu or feel free to use the Entity Update form in Advance. Please refrain from entering biographical updates such as updated phone/email/address information into contact reports.

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Contact Reports

Contact Reports are records of the university’s substantial interaction with an Advance entity. A contact report should be created any time a CWRU representative speaks with an entity and an important piece of information is exchanged (i.e. discussion about a possible gift, interest in joining a committee, desire to be removed from solicitations, etc). Contact reports should be entered as soon as possible after communication has taken place. Ensure all contact reports are factual, clear, and free of errors. Click here for more information on contact report entry.

Enter a contact report when:

An entity calls inquiring how to donate to a certain area of the university. Gather as much information as possible and direct them to the appropriate development office.

An entity calls with an interest in hosting an event or joining a board or committee.

An entity asks to be removed from our solicitation list. Also send this information to uris-data@case.edu.

Making appointment attempts to meet with an entity.

Returning from a visit with an entity. Include information such as meeting attendees, topics discussed (cultivation, solicitation, stewardship, committee membership, possible event hosting, etc.), general attitude and next steps.

Do NOT enter a contact report when:

Receiving biographical updates such as a new phone number, address or employment information. Instead, send all biographical updates to uris-data@case.edu to be confirmed and updated in Advance.

Sending mass mailings of form letters, birthday or holiday cards.

Sending generalized letters regarding a new program or general gift acknowledgements. Only write a contact report if these communications are highly personalized.

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Prospecting & Research

Prospect Research

Please allow at least three weeks lead time when requesting prospect research. The research team will prioritize your request based on current workflow and scheduled meeting dates. Click here for more information on Prospect Research.

Proposal Entry & Maintenance

Receiving solicitation credit for a gift is tied to proposal entry, so make sure to enter those proposals! Remember to keep the proposal up to date as it moves through the proposal stages. Click here for more information on Proposal Entry & Maintenance.

Closing Accepted, Withdrawn or Declined Proposals

If the proposal is accepted, leave the stage as "solicited" and the status as "submitted". Once the gift appears on the Daily Gift Log, our department will close the proposal. It is the responsibility of the Soliciting Development Officer to close proposals that are withdrawn or declined. To do so, code the proposal as such using the stage and status fields, inactivate the proposal and the proposal assignments.

Hard Copy Proposals

Send both accepted and rejected hard copy proposals to central files via campus mail:

Advancement Services, Central Files
11000 Cedar Avenue, Suite 300
Location Code 7035

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