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Retired & Loving It

After clocking in an impressive 20+ years each as employees at CWRU, two of our dedicated Advancement Services co-workers have decided it is time to trade in their Advance access for some well-deserved R&R.

Congratulations to Sue Linson and Irene Szmania on their respective retirements. We wish them futures filled with endless golf greens, delicious food and some well-deserved relaxation!

Welcome to the Team

We are also happy to announce that Michael Maire will be taking over as Manager of Data Management, the position previously held by Sue Linson in Gifts Processing. Mike comes to us from the Controller's Office, Endowment Accounting. Welcome to the team, Mike!

Notification of Staffing Changes

Remember to notify whenever staffing changes occur in your department so that Advance access can be deactivated in a timely manner. New employees should register for Advance Training through the Advancement Services website.

Honoring our Donors

Every year the schools are tasked with the job of thanking their gracious donors through the Honor Roll process. For more information on how to request the Honor Roll files via devreq, click here and then navigate to Reporting in Advance - Honor Roll Procedure.

Devreqs: Spec'ing Them Out

It is important to create a complete outline of your request prior to submitting a devreq. Thinking through the scope of your entire project beforehand saves both the requestor and the programmer time by limiting the need for follow up. Once your project is outlined, submit it via email to Follow the format below for guidance:

1) Subject Line: Provide a clear subject line in your email, i.e. "MED: Dean's Society Luncheon Invitation List". Use the following abbreviations as a prefix: CAS, CSE, DEN, KSL, LAW, MED, MSASS, NUR, WSOM, AA Central, AF Central, DR Central, Admissions, CORP REL, FDNTN REL.

2) Purpose: In order to pull the data efficiently, our programmers benefit from understanding how the data will ultimately be utilized. Please provide as much detail as possible. For example, is this a solicitation piece? Is this list for a development offier's upcoming travel? Is this an invitation list for an upcoming event? Also, if your devreq is a refresh of a previous devreq make sure to include the Devreq ID of the previous devreq. This will speed up the process.

3) Search Criteria: Please spec out your search criteria as clearly as possible. For example, "A list of active, solicitable female School of Law alumni age 55+ who have given a total lifetime commit/credit giving of $500.00 or more to School of Law and who have yet to give a planned gift to the School of Law".

4) Export Fields: List, specifically, which export fields you want to see in your Excel download. Users can reference the Context-Sentitive Report fields as guidance. *If giving information is also being requested, specify between Cash OR Commitment Giving and Legal OR Credit Giving.

We love numbers!

Entity ID's, Account Numbers, Receipt Numbers, Proposal Numbers, Appeal Codes - we love them all!

Just a reminder when submitting gift/pledge paperwork to Advancement Services, please include as much information as possible to assist the gifts processing team, i.e. name and entity ID of the donor, the account number, and the active proposal number, if applicable. Also, when submitting documents to Central Files, please include the same type of information for our filing team, as well as your name and phone number for questions.

Advance Reminders

Troubleshooting: Purge Advance Cache

At times users may experience Advance performance issues. Sometimes a quick cache clear will do the trick. Log out of Advance, navigate to this link, click the gray Purge Cache icon which will take your # of cached items to zero, then log back into Advance. If issues persist, users can also attempt clearing their internet browser cache and cookies.

Daily Advance Reset

Just a reminder that Advance resets every day at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. We suggest avoiding data entry during these times as the system may log you out prior to saving.

Avoid Clicking "Unsubscribe"

All new Advance users are added to the is-email alias, allowing CWRU staff to stay informed of the communications being sent to our alumni and donors regarding new programs, announcements and upcoming campus events. If you wish to be removed from the mailing list, email Please avoid clicking the unsubscribe link embedded in the email.

Reporting Changes

Kitchensink Entity (D) This report is available to users who have taken Prospecting/Proposals training.

The Kitchensink Download-Entity report now has the ability to reflect both a donor's lifetime giving total to the university as well as a donor's lifetime giving total to a selected school. In order to pull this data users must select the giving school on the input screen when running the report. If giving school is left blank, the MGT giving columns will simply reflect zeroes. Just a reminder that Campaign MGT Expectation is also populated based on the giving school input and reflects the expectation rating for the selected school.

New Reports

Active Pledges Report (D) This report is available to users who have taken Gifts training.

A new canned report has been created in Advance and is titled "Active Pledges Report (D)". This report is not to be confused with the Pledge with Payments (P) report and the Pledges Due report (D). All three reports provide slightly different sets of information regarding pledges. Please review their descriptions to determine which report suits your needs. Advancement Services strongly advises the use of the Pledges Due Report to follow up with donors on due pledges.

Featured Report(s)

Volunteer Activity Report This report is available to those who have taken Introduction to Advance. This report pulls a list of active, reachable alumni that have a specific volunteer activity code and can be limited to alumni from a particular school and/or by zip code radius based on preferred address. This report is available in Excel format.

Advance Jargon

Appeal Code Appeals track Annual Fund dollars raised as a result of a particular direct mail piece. This tracking is done with an appeal code which is created by Advancement Services and then uploaded by the individual development department using Appeal Loader.

Bequest A bequest is a provision in a will, trust, or other testamentary legal document providing a gift to CWRU upon the death of the donor or his/her beneficiary. Will Commitments can be revocable. When the donor’s assets are transferred to CWRU after death, they are recorded as Bequest Gifts or Realized Bequests in Advance.

Capital Funds Capital Funds are resources earmarked for (1) building construction, renovation or remodeling; (2) equipment; or (3) books and other non-disposable items.

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