Requesting a Prospect Assignment

In any university development program — especially in a comprehensive, university-wide constituent orientation — the most essential management function that drives the development and campaign process is the management of prospects.

It is the goal of the university’s prospect assignment procedure that decisions are made in a collaborative and collegial environment. The donor’s philanthropic desires should be the principal guide and always be primary in decision making. Active fundraising will also reflect awareness and promotion of the university’s institutional and academic priorities. Click here for the Prospect Management Policy.

The established procedure for requesting prospect assignments is as follows:

1. Requesting assignment as prospect manager may be done at any time as long as there is not already another actively assigned prospect manager.
2. All active prospects must have a prospect manager, of which there can be only one active at a given time.
3. Email with your prospect assignment request.
4. Include the name and ID of the entity along with the name of the requestor wanting assignment and the type of assignment desired (ex. Prospect Manager, Assistant Prospect Manager or Annual Fund Manager).
5. The Associate Director of Prospect Management will review the request and notify the requestor once the change has been made.
6. Requests are accepted daily and fulfilled every Friday.