What is a Devreq?

Devreqs, short for Development Requests, are adhoc reports generated by the Technical Services team. Advance training is provided to ensure users are capable of fulfilling day-to-day needs, however there are certain instances where a devreq will be required. For example, a devreq will be required when suggesting the creation or modification of a report, when a user is attempting to execute a more advanced lookup, for Honor Roll requests and various other situations. If you are unsure whether to submit a devreq, please contact advancetrainer@ case.edu for assistance. Only trained Advance users should request devreqs

How to request a Devreq

It is important to submit clear and thorough devreqs. To submit a devreq, email the following information to devreq@case.edu:

Explain the purpose of the devreq:
Example: A Development Officer is looking for a list of solicitable School of Medicine alumni who may have an interest in giving to the newly created Eye Institute. The DO plans to send out a solicitation letter announcing the creation of the institute along with a giving form.

List your search criteria:
Example: All active, solicitable School of Medicine Alumni who have given $500 or more in cumulative giving over their lifetime (commitment/credit) to the School of Medicine who have a field of work or field of field of specialty or job title pertaining to Ophthalmology/Optometry.

List your desired output fields (users can reference the Context-Sentitive Report fields):
Example: Output should include Entity ID’s, First & Last Name, Salutation, Affiliation, Age, Preferred Address, Telephone Number, Last Gift Amount (commit/credit) and Gift Date to School of Medicine and Prospect Manager. *If giving information is also being requested, specify between Cash OR Commitment Giving and Legal OR Soft Credit.

Once the Devreq is submitted

Once submitted, users will receive a confirmation email indicating a devreq ID and the name of the programmer who will be fulfilling the request. Please include the request number in all correspondence to the said programmer. Turnaround time for a devreq is dependent on the complexity of the devreq and the workload of the programmers.