Reporting Non-Compliance

Case Western Reserve University is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct.  If you know of or suspect an activity taking place at the University that you believe is not in compliance with laws, regulations or University policy, report it immediately. 

How to Report

You have several options for reporting your concerns, including going to your immediate supervisor, calling the University Compliance Officer at 216-368-0833, or by calling the Case Western Reserve Integrity Hotline at 1-866-483-9367.  You can also report online by going to

Examples of activities that you should report include:

  • Theft or misappropriation of money or property
  • Bribery
  • Activities that compromise academic integrity
  • Theft of trade secrets or intellectual property
  • Kickbacks
  • Activities that compromise research integrity
  • Any activity that you believe would not look favorable if reported in the newspaper or on television

Integrity Hotline

The Integrity Hotline has been established to provide an additional mechanism to communicate concerns of non-compliance.  All Integrity Hotline calls are answered by a neutral third party vendor.  Employees who, in good faith, report unlawful activity are protected from retaliation by Ohio Revised Code and University policy.

Case Western Reserve University

Integrity Hotline


Or report online at the Case Integrity Hotline