Decision Tree

This website is intended to provide information and resources for CWRU researchers and personnel. The links on these pages will help you find practical information and tools for identifying and addressing export control compliance issues relevant to CWRU’s dual missions of education and research. In making the initial determination of the export regulations’ impact on CWRU’s research endeavors, we recommend using Stanford University’s Decision Tree, a tool which has been widely adopted by U.S. universities as a national standard. We appreciate Stanford's grant of permission to use its content for CWRU’s benefit.

Of course, export control issues must be treated on a case-by-case basis, and resolution of these issues depends on the details of each case. Questions regarding export controls at CWRU should be directed to the CWRU Export Control Management Program by phoning 216.368.5791.

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Contact 216.368.5791,; or call the Integrity Hotline at 1.866.483.9367 for anonymous reporting.

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