School of Dental Medicine

Family Presenters in the School of Dental Medicine Diploma Ceremony

Graduates with immediate family members who are also dentists can elect to have that family member or members participate in the School of Dental Medicine diploma ceremony. Family members who are dentists can march in the procession and hand the graduate his or her diploma during the ceremony. Graduates may have more than one family presenter, but all presenters must be dentists.

Family presenters MUST be in full academic regalia appropriate to the degree of dentistry, including robe, hood, and cap. If the presenter does not own these items, the graduate must rent them through the university bookstore (216.368.2650). The graduate will be charged for these items. On commencement day, presenters who do not have academic dress, or whose academic dress is not appropriate to their degree, will not be allowed to march in the precession or present the diploma.

Please contact Tim Whittingham, marshal for the school of Dental Medicine, with any questions related to family presenters. 216.368.6753 or