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Opening and Closing Remarks

Wendy Shapiro


Wendy Shapiro
Senior Academic Technology Officer; Information Technology Services
Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Wendy Shapiro serves as Senior Academic Technology Officer at Case Western Reserve University providing strategic leadership and direction for campus academic technology applications and initiatives. In this position Dr. Shapiro provides leadership in decision-making, curriculum development and innovation, and teaching effectiveness related to the use of technology in advancing the academic and research mission of the University. For over 20 years along with her administrative duties, Dr. Shapiro has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in the area of instructional design and technology. Dr. Shapiro is a published author, and has made numerous presentations in the area of academic technology and related topics throughout the United States.

Video and Reflection:
What does society need in an educated person" and "Can education influence society".

Sean McGaw
Sean McGaw
Graduating Senior
Case Western Reserve University

Sean McGaw from Hudson, Ohio is a graduating senior majoring in both mechanical engineering and film production at Case Western Reserve, having also studied film abroad at New York University.  He has served as a student assistant at the campus's Freedman Center, video intern at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and is a part of the Ignite TV production club.  He has hosted a radio show on the campus station WRUW 91.1 and also held the position of summer orientation leader.  Upon graduation, Sean plans to attend graduate film school in cinematography.

When Push Comes to Pull – Society, Higher Education and Technology

Gardner Campbell
Director of Professional Development & Innovative Initiatives,
Virginia Tech

W. Gardner Campbell is Director of Professional Development and Innovative Initiatives at Virginia Tech, where he also serves as an Associate Professor of English in the Department of Literature, Language, and Culture. Prior to his appointment at Virginia Tech, Gardner was founding Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning at Baylor University, as well as Associate Professsor of Literature, Media, and Learning in the Honors College. Before coming to Baylor, he was Professor of English at the University of Mary Washington, where from 2003-2006 he also served as Assistant Vice-President for Teaching and Learning Technologies. He has been involved in teaching and learning technologies for nearly two decades, including work at the University of San Diego and the University of Richmond, where in the fall of 2006 he was Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology. Gardner received his B.A. in English from Wake Forest University, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia. He is a Fellow of the Frye Leadership Institute (2005), was chair of the Electronic Campus of Virginia from 2006 to 2008, and has served on program committees for both EDUCAUSE and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative. A member of the ELI Advisory Board from 2007-2011, Gardner currently serves on the Advisory Board of the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) and is Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for the New Media Consortium.

Joan Getman
Joan Getman
Director of Educational Technologies,
University of Southern California

Joan Getman recently joined USC as Director for Educational Technologies within Technology Enhanced Learning and Information Technology Services. The front face of her organization is the Center for Scholarly Technology (CST). The CST is a serves USC's academic mission by supporting innovative and responsive ways of teaching and learning. Joan and her team work on understanding teaching strategies and desired learning outcomes.  They follow up by identifying, assessing and recommending technologies that will effectively support different instructional frameworks.  While evaluation of practices and technologies is ongoing, the team also engages in deeper research sharing findings that benefit the larger academic community. Joan has spent most of her professional life collaborating with faculty and students on using the affordances of technology to support educational experiences. She has done so for diverse populations of learners in different settings. Her career path has taken her from being an educational television producer and director to developing curriculum and media for social services and therapeutic crisis intervention programs and eventually led to academic technology. Prior to arriving at USC, Joan was Sr. Strategist for Learning Technologies at Cornell, evaluating innovations in teaching with technology to guide recommendations for campus wide services. She is a past Board Chair of the New Media Consortium and an instructor with the EDUCAUSE Management Institute where she leads professional development workshops on topics such as communication and interpersonal skills. Joan has a B.A. in Film and Psychology and an M.S. in Communication and Instructional Design. She is especially interested in the use of storytelling and visualization to advance learning.

Casey Green
Casey Green  
The Founding Director,
The Campus Computing Project

Green is founding director of The Campus Computing Project, the largest continuing study of the role of eLearning and information technology in American higher education. Green is also a senior research consultant at Inside Higher Ed, which publishes his Digital Tweed blog .   A featured speaker at more than two dozen academic meetings and professional conferences each year, Green is the author/co-author or editor of a dozen books and published research reports and more than 90 articles that have appeared in academic journals and professional publications.  A graduate of New College in Sarasota, Florida, Green and earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, Los Angeles.  Green received the first EDUCAUSE Award for Leadership in Public Policy and Practice. The award cites his work in creating The Campus Computing Project and recognizes his "prominence in the arena of national and international technology agendas, and the linking of higher education to those agendas."

Deborah  Keyek-Franssen
Director of Academic Technology,
University of Colorado

Deborah Keyek-Franssen is the Director of Academic Technology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she is responsible for strategic planning for the use, implementation, and evaluation of educational technologies, and for leading the evaluation of emerging technologies for potential use in teaching and learning on campus. She leads teams responsible for faculty consulting for academic technology; student, faculty, and staff training; classrooms, labs, and campus printing; and the Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology(COLTT) conference. Deborah is also Co-Director of the Colorado Coalition for Gender and IT, which undertakes research and develops programs to increase the number of girls, women, and underrepresented minorities in IT education and work. Deborah completed her Ph.D. in German Literature at the University of Michigan, where she also earned a master's degree in Higher Education Administration from the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education, and a graduate certificate in Women's Studies.

Leaners Take Control: Blurring Class Room Boundaries Through Technology

Bill Deal
Religious Studies Professor
Case Western Reserve University

William E. Deal is Severance Professor of the History of Religion in the Department of Religious Studies at Case Western Reserve University and holds a secondary appointment as Professor of Cognitive Science in the Department of Cognitive Science. He also serves as the Digital Humanities Faculty Liaison at the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is past Chair of the Department of Religious Studies and served for several years as Director of CWRU's Asian Studies Program. Dr. Deal received an A.B. in Religion (magna cum laude) and an A.M. in Asian Studies from Washington University in St. Louis. He received his Ph.D. in Religion from Harvard University in 1988. At CWRU, Dr. Deal teaches courses that focus on theory and interpretation in the academic study of religion, religion and cognitive science, comparative religious ethics, and East Asian religious and ethical traditions. His scholarship includes numerous articles, chapters, and book reviews on methodology in the academic study of religion, religion and ethics, and Japanese Buddhism. He is co-author of the book Theory for Religious Studies (Routledge) and author of Handbook to Life in Medieval and Early Modern Japan (Oxford University Press).

Chris Hudak
Associate Professor
Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Chrsitine Hudak is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing and the Director of NurseWeb and Director of the Informatics Program. Her interests include Health Care Informatics, Organization Theory and Design, and Epidemiology in Health Services Management, Educational Technology in Education, Emerging Technologies in the Delivery of Health Care, and Consumer Use of Technology for Medical Information and Decision-Making. She earned hear BSN from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, her MED from Cleveland State University, and her PhD in Urban Education Administration from Cleveland State University.

Bernard Jim
Full-Time Lecturer
Case Western Reserve University

Professor Bernard Jim has taught courses in American History, Technology and Culture, and Technology and Society. He was the 2010 recipient of the Richard A. Bloom, M.D. , Award for Distinguished Teaching in the SAGES Program. His “Puzzled” seminar was named one of the quirkiest classes by Metro Newspapers in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Mike Kenney
Senior Instructor
Case Western Reserve University

Professor Michael Kenney is a Senior Instructor of Chemistry at Case Western Reserve University and the John Teagle Professorial Fellow. His concentrations include Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Chemical Education, Computer Programming and Application Development. His interests center on the appropriate use and application of technology in the undergraduate curriculum and on the development of labs that emphasize the role of research and “ordinary” phenomena in the undergraduate experience. Dr. Kenney earned his B.A. from St. John’s University and his Ph.D. from Iowa State University.

Dustin Tyler
Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor
Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Dustin Tyler, Associate Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Case Western Reserve University, specializes in research in the areas of neural interfacing and neural prostheses. His research tools include animal experimentation, clinical studies, histology and immune-histochemistry. He is also the Principal Investigator at the Louis-Stokes Cleveland DVA Medical Center and Associate Director at the Cleveland Advanced Platform Technology Center. Professor Tyler received his Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Enhancing Collaborative Learning Through Innovative Interactive Learner-
Centered Simulation Experiences.

Jeanne Hitch
Executive Director
Mt. Sinai Skills and Simulation Center at CWRU
National Heart Failure Training Program (N-HeFT™) 

Jeanne Hitch, MEd, MA, LPC. is the Executive Director of the Mt Sinai Skills and Simulation Center (MSSSC) at Case Western Reserve University. Jeanne has a Masters Degree in Counseling Human Services and Adult Education and is a licensed professional counselor with diverse experience in many areas of education, health care, business, and government, in non-profit and for-profit environment.  She is also a certified health care executive.  She has extensive experience working with faculty in many areas to create curriculum with twenty years developing and implementing adult educational programs, including critical skills assessments and interactive curriculum. She has developed a variety of programs for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, faculty and residents.  She has also worked as a Consulting Manager in Human Capital Services in the Healthcare and Government Business Unit creating and implementing grant-funded programs and facilitating strategic planning. Jeanne has 14 years experience administering grant funded-programs with a 23 successful years initiating new programs and reinventing existing programs to improve outcomes. Jeanne is responsible for providing leadership and administration of all activities of MSSSC.  She has implemented several educational pilot projects and conferences for a mixed audience of medical health care providers and currently serves on an expert panel for the Office on Women’s Health. Current Projects include unique customized core preceptorship programs for medical teams with supplemental online curriculum, innovative three year program for family medicine residents, hospitals, outpatient clinics, home care, nursing home and skilled facility training for medical staff.

Designing an Interactive Learning Environment for 21st Century Learners

Evanne Juratovac
Assistant Professor,
FPB School of Nursing Faculty Associate,
University Center on Aging and Health Clinical Instructor,
School of Medicine Case Western Reserve University

Evanne Juratovac, PhD, RN teaches both undergraduate and graduate students; and conducts research about older adults and their family caregivers. She is recognized for her academic and clinical expertise in aging and mental health. Dr. Juratovac applies established and creative learning pedagogical strategies to immerse aging and mental health students in their learning; toward applying the content to the care of clients and their families. Recently, Dr. Juratovac has been an edge runner in implementing integrated instructional technologies that support a web-based family systems mental health curriculum. The connections made possible through the academic application of these technologies also demonstrates to the students a potential outgrowth of the technologies; as they learn to master synchronous and asynchronous technologies for use  in their professional practice.

Carol Kelley
Assistant Professor,
Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing.
Case Western Reserve University

Carol Kelley is an assistant professor at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing. She has been part of the faculty at the School of Nursing for 14 years and maintains practices as a nurse practitioner. She teaches and coordinates graduate level clinical courses, pharmacology, and physical assessment. She uses Blackboard, Adobe Connect and most recently Moodle for both "in person" and "web based" courses.  Carol received a BSN from University of Akron, a MS in Nursing from University of Rochester and a PhD in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University.

Megan Linos
Lead Instructional Designer and Faculty Support,
Information Technology Services,
Case Western Reserve University

Megan Linos is the Lead Instructional Designer and Faculty Support at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) since 2001. Her efforts have been devoted to designing, developing and facilitating the adoption of eLearning technologies for teaching and learning. Her major involvements include the implementation of a media-centric lecturing system (MediaVision Courseware), developing user training in web collaboration tools (Adobe Connect), supporting faculty developing multimedia learning modules (Pachyderm/Digital Poster), and designing web multimedia based training materials. Megan has a continuous track record of excellence, including receiving the 2007 ITS Employee of the Year Award and the 2003 Weatherhead Staff Service Award. Her recent interests have expanded to the arena of positive organizational change and received a master's degree in Organizational Development from CWRU's Weatherhead School of Management.

Diana Morris
Diana Lynn Morris PhD, RN, FAAN, FGSA
Florence Cellar Associate Professor of Gerontological Nursing
Executive Director, University Center on Aging & Health
Case Western Reserve University

Diana Lynn Morris PhD, RN, FAAN, FGSA, is Executive Director of the University Center on Aging & Health, and Florence Cellar Associate Professor of Gerontological Nursing, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing; and Associate Professor, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences. She is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing and the Gerontological Society of America. She is a past recipient of a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Faculty Scholar Award in Geriatric Mental Health with a focus on long term care. She is a clinical nurse specialist in mental health nursing with extensive experience in acute care, home health care, and hospice care. She has many years of experience as a consultant to formal care providers on gerontology and mental health assessment and management. Dr. Morris’s work has extended to national and international leadership in gerontological and gero-psychiatric nursing education and research. Her research interests include self care in elderly family caregivers, geriatric mental health, the health of minority elders, and training of formal and informal caregivers. Dr. Morris has been the Project Director of the current Prentiss Care Networks Project focused on facilitating community based care networks and education for formal and informal caregivers.

Sue Shick
Instructional Designer
Information Technology Services
Case Western Reserve University

Sue Shick is an instructional designer working in the Department of Instructional Technology and Academic Computing at Case Western Reserve University. Her background includes molecular biology research on DNA repair systems in Pseudomonas eruginosa, teaching science to middle and high school students (specializing in teaching at-risk students) and multimedia evelopment. For the past two years Sue has been supporting Case's Second Life presence. She is very attached to her avatar, Susanne Patrono, and can be found most days “working” in Second Life on the ClevelandPlus islands.

The Art of Digital Discovery:
Solving all my problems while simultaneously causing new ones

Henry Adams
Professor of American
Art Department of Art History

Henry Adams is a graduate of Harvard University, and received his M.A. and PH.D. from Yale, where he received the Frances Blanshard Prize for the best doctoral dissertation in art history.  In 1985 he received the Arthur Kingsley Porter Prize of the College Art Association, the first time this had been awarded to an Americanist or a Museum Curator.  In 1989 William Jewell College awarded him its distinguished service medal for his services to Kansas City and the Midwest.  In 2001 he received the Northern Ohio Live Visual Arts Award for the best art exhibition of the year in Northern Ohio. Adams is the author of over 250 scholarly and popular articles, ranging over the American field from the 17th century to the present, as well as numerous books, among them Eakins Revealed, which the painter Andrew Wyeth described as "the most extraordinary biography I have ever read on an artist." Dr. Adams has served as curator of Fine Arts at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, as curator of American Art at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, and as Curator of American Art at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  He has also taught at the University of Illinois, the University of Pittsburgh, Colorado College, The University of Kansas, and the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  He currently serves as Professor of American Art at Case Western Reserve University. In 1989, in partnership with film maker Ken Burns, Adams produced a documentary on Thomas Hart Benton which was broadcast nationally on PBS to an audience of 20 million.

Jared Bendis
Creative Director of New Media
Case Western Reserve University

Jared Bendis is an award-winning artist, teacher, and photographer who is Creative Director of New Media for the Freedman Center at Case Western Reserve University.  As Creative Director, Jared weaves together cutting-edge technologies with proven, innovative pedagogical strategies to create rich multimedia experiences. As a specialist in photography, virtual reality, and computer graphics, Jared instructs courses and workshops in digital media and manages the creative and technical aspects of immersive virtual reality, 3D experiences and PDA projects, authors training materials and articles for the popular press, and presents on the use of technology in instruction.

Melvyn C. Goldstein
John Reynold Harkness Professor of Anthropology
Department of Anthropology

Dr. Goldstein is a social anthropologist specializing in Tibetan society, history, and contemporary politics as well as in anthropology and history, cross-cultural gerontology, population studies, polyandry, cultural ecology and economic development/change. He has conducted research in Tibet (Tibet Autonomous Region of China) on a range of topics including nomadic pastoralism, the impact of reforms on rural Tibet, family planning and fertility, modern Tibetan history, and socio-economic change. His has also conducted research in India (with Tibetan refugees in Bylekuppe), in northwest Nepal (with a Tibetan border community in Limi), in western Mongolia (with a nomadic pastoral community in Hovd province) and in inland China (with Han Chinese on modernization and the elderly). Dr. Goldstein's current projects include: an oral history of Tibet, a multi-volume history of modern Tibet, the history of the Nyemo incident in 1969, and a longitudinal study of the impact of China's reform policies on rural Tibet (nomads and farmers). A new 3-year NSF study investigating modernization and changing patterns of intergenerational relations in rural Tibet began fieldwork in 2005.

Edward Jay Pershey
Vice President for Special Projects and Exhibits
Western Reserve Historical Society

Dr. Edward Jay Pershey is Vice President for Special Projects and Exhibits at the Western Reserve Historical Society. Pershey joined WRHS in 1995 as Director of Education and Curator of Urban & Industrial History. From 1987 to 1995 he was the founding Director of the Tsongas Industrial History Center, an innovative hands-on museum education program in Lowell, Massachusetts. From 1981 to 1987 he served as Supervisory Museum Curator at the Edison National Historic Site, the home and laboratory of the American inventor Thomas Alva Edison in West Orange, New Jersey. In 1982 he received his doctorate in the History of Technology from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, where he also served briefly as Associate Curator at the Dittrick Museum of Medicine. Dr. Pershey has taught at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers the State University of New Jersey, the University of Massachusetts, Cooper Union in New York City, and CWRU.

Face to Face at a Distance

Denise Caterinacci
Instructor in Italian,
Modern Languages & Literatures,
Case Western Reserve University

Denise Caterinacci has served for the past five years as Section Head of Italian in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures in the College of Arts and Sciences at CWRU, where she has been responsible for expanding the course offerings in Italian at Case as well as administration of the section. In addition to her academic career, Professor Caterinacci is a professional translator accredited by the American Translators Association. In 2008-2009, with the support of funding provided by the Worldwide Learning Environment McGregor Fund Grant and resources in the Freedman Center, she completed research for a model of conversation immersion in Italian at the post-intermediate level that can eventually be applied to instruction of all languages.

Jim Sheeler
English Professor
Case Western Reserve University

Jim Sheeler holds the Shirley Wormser Professorship in Journalism and Media Writing at Case Western Reserve University. He won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for feature writing while reporting for the Rocky Mountain News. Sheeler is the author of "Final Salute" (The Penguin Press) and "Obit" (Penguin Group). He previously contributed to "Best Newspaper Writing 2006-2007" (CQ Press), and "Life on the Death Beat," (Marion Press). Sheeler has won numerous national writing awards and served as a featured guest speaker for military and journalism organizations. He has a B.A. in journalism from Colorado State University and an M.A. in journalism from the University of Colorado.

M. Jane Suresky,
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
Case Western Reserve University

Jane Suresky, ND, PMHCNS BC is an Assistant Professor at the  Bolton School of Nursing, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. She received her Doctor of Nursing degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1995. Her clinical experience in psychiatric nursing covers Psychobiological Research, Adolescent Dual Diagnosis and   Mood Disorders. She has taught at the associate, undergraduate, and masters level of nursing. During the past two years she has lead and coordinated  a Task Force responsible for the development of a new Family Systems Psychiatric/Mental Health masters program. During the 2010-2011 academic year this program as been offered in a web based hybrid model of instruction.

Rob Walser
Music Professor
Case Western Reserve University

Robert Walser is Professor of Music and Director of the Rock and Popular Music Institute at CWRU. He works in the fields of popular music studies and jazz studies, and his current research addresses contemporary audio technologies and the implications of recent neuroscience for the humanities. He is the author of Running with the Devil: Power, Gender, and Madness in Heavy Metal Music, and editor of Keeping Time: Readings in Jazz History.

Creating World-Wide Learning Environments

Molly Berger
Associate Dean and Instructor of History
College of Arts and Sciences
Case Western Reserve University

Molly Berger is Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences and Instructor of History at Case Western Reserve University.  She is cultural historian of nineteenth-century technology of American technology and is the author of Hotel Dreams: Luxury, Technology, and Urban Ambition in America, 1829-1929 (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011) and editor of The American Hotel (MIT Press Wolfsonian-Florida International University, 2005).

Chris Cullis
Christopher A Cullis Ph.D.
Christopher Cullis, Francis Hobart Herrick Professor and Chair of Biology,
Case Western Reserve University.

Christopher Cullis arrived at CWRU in 1985 following 14 years as a staff scientist at the John Innes Institute in England. He spent two years as Program Director of the Plant Genome Research Program at the National Science Foundation, was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship (for 2005-6), elected as a Life Fellow of the Ohio Academy of Sciences in 1998 and to the Board of Directors of The Holden Arboretum in 2004. Throughout his tenure at CWRU he has been actively involved in teaching and outreach initiatives, including the WLE project to involve, through video conferencing and visits, his biotechnology lab class with crop improvements efforts in Southern Africa. He has published extensively (more than 100 publications) and has written one text book (Plant Genomics and Proteomics). He received his B.Sc. from London University (as external student at the University College of Rhodesia), his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia and in Biophysics

Tom Knab
CIO and Director of Academic, Research,
Administration TechnologyArts & Science
Case Western Reserve University

Tom is the CIO and director of academic, research and administrative technology for the College of Arts and Sciences Case Western Reserve University.  He serves on the Internet2 consortium’s Applications, Middleware and Services Advisory Council; Humanities advisory committee and Performing Arts advisory committee. Tom has been a lead for the College’s Worldwide Learning Environment initiative that uses advanced networks to support global research and education opportunities, and is active in developing resources for digital humanities research and collaboration. He is a Grammy award winning recording engineer, has produced several groundbreaking networked music and dance performances, and has previously served as the Director of Distance Learning and Head of the Audio Recording degree program at the Cleveland Institute of Music. 

Megan Norr
Lab Manager
Brain, Mind & Consciousness Lab
Case Western Reserve University

Megan Norr graduated from Case Western Reserve University in May 2010. While at Case she participated in a virtual exchange with a class of students from Denmark during a course taught by Professor Todd Oakley. Megan is currently the lab manager of the Brain, Mind and Consciousness Lab, a brain imaging research laboratory in Case's Department of Cognitive Science

Todd Oakley
Cognitive Science
Associate Professor
Case Western Reserve University 

Professor Todd Oakley is currently Associate Professor and Chair of Cognitive Science, Director of the MA Program in Cognitive Lignuistics, and Co-Director of the Center for Cognition and Culture. His areas of specialization include cognitive linguistics, semiotics, discourse analysis, and rhetoric. Dr. Oakley earned his Ph.D. in Language, Rhetoric and Writing from the University of Maryland, and has taught at Case Western Reserve University since 1997.

Tina Deveny Oestreich
Academic Technology Architect
Case Western Reserve University

Tina Deveny Oestreich is the Academic Technology Architect at Case Western Reserve University. Working together with Senior Academic Technology Officer Wendy Shapiro, Tina consults with faculty, students, and administrators to develop strategies for implementing both new technologies and new ways of teaching. Tina holds Masters and PhD degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in Germanic Studies where she specialized in foreign language pedagogy and instructional design and technology. She regularly teaches first and second year language courses in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Case, and is currently involved in collaborative research studies exploring new technologies in education.

Lies, Spies, and Female Superheroes:
Using Technology to Ensure Experiential Learning Measuring the Soft Stuff

Katherine Clark
SAGES Lecturer
Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Katherine Clark is currently a Lecturer in the SAGES program. She has taught seminars on Lies and Betrayal, Spies, and Female Heroes and Superheroes. She is also an expert on the mystery novel.

Measuring the Soft Stuff

Cynthia Hart
Virtual Librarian
Virginia Beach Public Library

For more than 20 years, Ms. Hart has worked as a public librarian in various capacities. For the last nine years, she has managed the resources and services of the Virtual Library (Internet site, intranet site, extranet), including all virtual resources, services and digital collections as well as outreach in social networking sites such as Facebook. She coordinates gaming and multimedia projects for the library system. She also develops and coordinates web 2.0 training and tool implementation for internal and external use with staff and library customers.

Technology-Enabled Discovery and Experiential Learning in a HyperConnected World

Eva de Lera
Senior Strategist at the Office of Learning Technologies
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

Eva de Lera is the Senior Strategist at the Office of Learning Technologies, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). She works with the leadership in helping design and carry out a winning strategy for the Office, drives all international initiatives and collaborations, and is also the principal investigator of the ‘Joy of Learning’ project, which aims at designing emotional online learning environments to help motivate and engage learners throughout their learning process. Eva is passionate about turning online interactions into emotional relational experiences and has most recently developed two easy-to-implement methodologies for designers and developers to integrate them into their user-centered design processes: the “10 Emotion Heuristics” and the “ENJOY Guidelines”.  She received her M.A. degree in Information and Knowledge Society from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and her B.A. degree in Psychology from New York University. Eva has also studied music, dance, film, video and marketing communications and, for the past 20 years, she has been creatively integrating the fields of psychology, technology, creative arts and marketing communications into everything she does.

David Fleshler
The Associate Provost for International Affairs
Case Western Reserve University

David Fleshler is the associate provost for international affairs at Case Western Reserve University and serves as the director of the Office of International Affairs. Fleshler works in partnership with faculty, staff and students to enhance the university's international focus. He also works to identify and pursue strategic partnerships with local, state, national and international organizations. In conjunction with his role at the university, Fleshler serves as a member of the International Higher Education Advisory Committee of the Ohio Board of Regents. In this role, Fleshler works to advance the internationalization of the university system of Ohio. Fleshler received his AB from the University of Michigan and JD from Boston College Law School.

Lev Gonick
Vice President, Information Technology Services
CIO Case Western Reserve University 

Lev Gonick has been teaching, working, and living on the Net since 1987. Lev Gonick is vice president for information technology services and chief information officer at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Gonick is co-chair of the CIO Executive Council's higher education committee and co-chair of Cisco's Higher Education Executive Exchange. Lev was the Advisory Board Chair of the 2008 New Media Consortium's Horizon Project and former Board Chair of the NMC. In 2004 he and Case Western Reserve University founded what is today known as OneCommunity, the award-winning regional community network now reaching 22 counties in Northeast Ohio. Lev received the 2010 National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisory (NATOA) annual award for Community Visionary of the Year. In 2009 Case Western Reserve University began extending gigabit fiber to the home in Cleveland's inner city.

Lev currently serves on numerous community Boards including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland and the Bellefaire JCB for Children. He is a regular blogger and tweets under the handle lgonick.

Heather Stewart
Associate Vice President for Global Technology
New York University

Heather Stewart , Ph.D. is the Associate Vice president for Global Technology at New York University where she provides strategic leadership for technology services which enable NYU as a global network university. In her current role at NYU she focuses on the creation and management of global corporate, educational and international collaborations and partnerships. Prior to working at NYU, Dr. Stewart was the AVP for Finance and Technology at Seton Hall University where she pioneered award-winning work in applied mobile and ubiquitous computing, and the impact of technology on the student-faculty relationship.Her background includes research on learning and technology, assessment, and technology applications for systems of higher education, and she holds degrees in Biology/Psychology, and Education. She is a founding faculty member and a former co-director of the EDUCAUSE Learning Technology Leadership Institute and was a Frye fellow in 2001.

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