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8:00-8:45am                     Registration/Continental Breakfast

Attendee Registration - Thwing Atrium

Speaker Registration - Ballroom Lobby

Continental Breakfast - Ballroom

8:45-9:00am                     Welcome

Opening Remarks

Ballroom : Wendy Shapiro

9:00-10:15am                   Opening Panel

Video and Reflection:
"What does society need in an educated person and can education influence society?"

Ballroom : Sean McGaw

When Push Comes to Pull: Society, Higher Education and Technology

Ballroom : Gardner Campbell | Joan Getman | Casey Green** | Deborah Keyek- Franssen

In just a few years today's college students will begin professions in a globalized, yet fragmented society. How can higher education address society's needs to cultivate flexibility, creativity and critical thinking? And is it possible for higher education to provide students with an education that will allow them to change society? This panel will focus on the challenges and opportunities in providing relevant and meaningful education in the 21st century.

10:30-11:30am                 Breakout 1

Learners Take Control: Blurring Classroom Boundaries Through Technology

1914 Room :   Bill Deal | Chris Hudak | Bernie Jim | Mike Kenney | Dustin Tyler

Classroom boundaries have become more fluid through the incorporation of technology and social media into education. This panel explores ways in which social media and technology can transform and expand the learning both inside and outside the classroom. The changing roles of both instructor and students will be discussed. Based on classroom experiences, the panel will present the pros and cons of these collaborative tools.

Enhancing Collaborative Learning Through Innovative Interactive Learner -
Centered Simulation Experiences

Meeting Room A : Jean Hitch

"Enhancing collaborative learning through innovative interactive learner-centered simulation experiences". An overview of the wide range of diverse learning experiences facilitated by The Mt. Sinai Skills and Simulation Center in collaboration with a diverse group of partners-from the battlefield, the operating room, the emergency room to the dental chair and the primary care office.

Designing an Interactive Learning Environment for 21st Century Learners

Spartan Room : Evanne Juratovac | Carol Kelley | Megan Linos | Diana Morris | Sue Shick

In this digital era, many exciting opportunities are open to higher education faculty to design and deliver interactive learning for 21st century learners. The ever increasing load of learning information and resources can potentially hinder learning efficiency and may impact the quality of learning outcomes.

This presentation will discuss a brand new curriculum design and delivery approach that converts the unilateral teaching style to a learner-center collaborative environment. Concrete examples and success stories will be presented from re-designing curriculum and building virtual learning spaces to delivering learning materials that enhance learning collaboration.

The Art of Digital Discovery:
Solving all my problems while simultaneously causing new ones

Dampeer Room - Kelvin Smith Library : Henry Adams | Jared Bendis** | Melvyn C. Goldstein | Edward Jay Pershey

Technology - it is alluring. How often do we find ourselves thinking: "Technology can solve my problems - I just don't know how?" And while it can indeed be a powerful tool for collaboration, education, dissemination, and exploration it is a Pandora's box of new problems and considerations. This panel unites three intrepid explorers of technology who will share with us their journey, experiences, and unexpected consequences. It is a cautionary tail of patience and perseverance with great rewards for the willing adventurer.

11:45am-1:15pm              Lunch/Keynote

Unsettling Knowledge: Knowing in the Networked Age

Ballroom : David Weinberger

David Weinberger

For thousands of years, Western culture has settled on the idea that knowledge is certain, permanent, mutually shared, and masterable within its various domains. However, these properties pertain to the medium in which we have preserved and communicated knowledge, not those of knowledge itself.

As knowledge moves to the Net, it is acquiring the properties of its new medium - a network that is ever-changing, composed of links, and contains perpetual disagreements. This talk will begin to explore the effects the unsettling of knowledge is having on our institutions and our way of thinking about our world.

1:30-2:30pm                     Breakout 2

Face to Face at a Distance

Spartan Room : Denise Caterinacci | Jim Sheeler | Jane Suresky | Robert Walser

Case faculty will demonstrate how they use technology to span geography and generations, linking 20 year-old students with 80 year-old residents of an inner-city nursing home; using innovative software to collaborate, translate and perform an interactive play based on a centuries-old French story; connecting nursing students throughout the country with an interactive online videoconference; and using state-of-the-art music production software to produce new performances of tracks recorded by musicians who are distant in time and space.

Creating World-Wide Learning Environments

1914 Room : Molly Berger | Chris Cullis | Tom Knab | Megan Norr | Todd Oakley | Tina Oestreich**

In this session, administrators, faculty and students from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at Case Western Reserve University will discuss the three-year World-Wide Learning Environment (WLE) initiative. WLE funds provided faculty with resources to create courses that expanded international learning opportunities for undergraduate students through the use of advanced communication technologies. The WLE initiative has led to sustained collaborations and an increased interest in international partnerships in the College.

Lies, Spies, and Female Superheroes:
Using Technology to Ensure Experiential Learning

Meeting Room A : Katherine Clark

How does it feel to be a spy? What are the dramatically different ways people can interpret a short story that initially appears to be so obvious? What does it actually mean to be a hero?  This presentation explores how learning through actual experience and creating alternative truths can be accomplished by the use of technology.

Measuring the Soft Stuff

Dampeer Room - Kelvin Smith Library : Cynthia Hart

Social media, like everything, requires resources. It takes people, time, and technology to make it happen. This session focuses on how one library is meshing together their social media strategies with web and marketing plans to effectively communicate and connect with customers and how to show ROI. Hart discusses how social media goals link directly to organizational communication strategies, strategic plan, and managing their brand. What are social metrics? How do social metrics fit within a social media plan? How can we use cross disciplinary approaches and ideas to quantify and measure "soft stuff" such as buzz, engagement, reach, influence and sentiment? Hear the answers at this session.

2:45-3:45pm                     Closing Panel

Technology-Enabled Discovery and Experiential Learning in a HyperConnected World

Ballroom : Lev Gonick** | Heather Stewart | Eva de Lera | David Fleshler

4:00-4:30pm                     Prizes and Closing Remarks

Ballroom : Wendy Shapiro



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