Federation Contacts


EarthShare Ohio
Linda Paul
Managing Director
Earth Share Ohio
4400 No. High Street, Suite 415
Columbus, OH 43214
Phone: 877-434-2357
Fax: 614-263-6327
E-mail: lpaul@earthshareohio.org

Greater Cleveland Community Shares
Dawn Ramsey
Campaign Coordinator
Community Shares
3631 Perkins Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: 216-361-9920
Fax: 216-361-9928
E-mail: dawn@communityshares.org

United Way of Greater Cleveland
Calvin Wood
Campaign Manager
Eastern Regional Market
United Way of Greater Cleveland
1331 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115
Phone: 216-436-2196
Fax: 216-436-2253

Case Contacts

Lynn Singer
Deputy Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Adelbert 216
Phone: 216-368-1610
E-mail: lynn.singer@case.edu

Jeffrey Duerk
Dean, Case School of Engineering
Nord Hall 500
Phone: 216-368-3227
E-mail: duerk@case.edu

Campaign Coordinators
Helen Day
Executive Assistant to the Deputy Provost
Adelbert 216
Phone: 216-368-1610
E-mail: helen.day@case.edu

Heidi Fanta
Executive Aide to Jeffrey Duerk
Nord Hall 500
Phone: 216-368-3227
E-mail: Heidi.Fanta@case.edu

HR Representative
Karma Topor
220 Crawford Hall
Phone: 216-368-4445
Email: Karma.Topor@case.edu

Administrative Coordinators:

Case School of Engineering
Laura Marshall
Phone: 216-368-5024
E-mail: lxm68@case.edu

College of Arts and Sciences
Brian Thornton
Phone: 216-368-5444
E-mail: brian.thornton@case.edu

Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
Jessie Rudolph
Phone: 216-368-3801
E-mail: jessie.rudolph@case.edu

School of Dental Medicine
Leena Palomo
E-mail: leena.palomo@case.edu

School of Law
Myrna Hardy
Phone: 216-368-6359
Email: myrna.hardy@case.edu

School of Medicine
Daniel Anker
Phone: 216-368-3870
E-mail: daniel.anker@case.edu

School of Nursing
Maureen Kendel
E-mail: Maureen.kendel@case.edu

Weatherhead School of Management
Meghan Schenkelberg
Phone: 216-368-2040
E-mail: meghan.schenkelberg@case.edu

University General
Kay Fatica
Phone: 216-368-5445
E-mail: kathryn.fatica@case.edu

Campus Administration
Bridget Flowers
Phone: 216-368-5555
E-mail: bridget.flowers@case.edu

Campus Services/Finances
Nancy Wheelock
Phone: 216-368-3078
E-mail: nancy.wheelock@case.edu

Tia Richardson
Phone: 216-368-2126
E-mail: tiajuana.richardson@case.edu

Development/University Relations
Renata Rabasi
Phone: 216-368-4813
E-mail: renata.rabasi@case.edu

Karyn Newton
Phone: 216-368-2532
E-mail: Karyn.newton@case.edu

Facilities Services
Sharon McGuire
Phone: 216-368-6907
E-mail: sharon.mcguire@case.edu

Financial Aid
Regina Sharp
Phone: 216-368-6576
E-mail:  regina.burrell@case.edu

Flora Stone Mather Center for Women
Amanda Kenney
Phone: 216-368-2126
E-mail: amanda.kenney@case.edu

General Counsel
Renee O'Connor
Phone: 216-368-6927
E-mail: rxo62@case.edu

Graduate Studies
Matthew Smith
Phone: 216-368-4390
E-mail:  matt.smith@case.edu

Human Resources
Mark Murray
Phone: 216-368-4289
E-mail: mark.murray1@case.edu

Inamori Center
Christian Frano
Phone: 216-368-0986
E-mail: christian.frano@case.edu

Information Technology Services
Pat Greene
Phone: 216-368-1253
Email: pat.greene@case.edu

Kelvin Smith Library
Tim Robson
Phone: 216-368- 2992
Email: timothy.robson@case.edu

President/Provost Office
Susan Karaba
Phone: 216-368- 4346
Email: susan.karaba@case.edu

Research Administration:
Tora Williams
Phone 216-368-0143
Email: tkw8@case.edu

Sheila Pedigo
Phone 216-368-8508
Email: sheila.pedigo@case.edu

Student Affairs
Doreen Thibodeau
Phone 216-368-2021
Email: doreen.thibodeau@case.edu

Donzetta Darden
Phone: 216-368-4306
Email: donzetta.darden@case.edu

Undergraduate Admissions
Kathryn Fatica
Phone: 216-368-5445
E-mail: kathryn.fatica@case.edu

Undergraduate Studies
Camila Estrada
Phone 216-368-4523
Email:  camila.estrada@case.edu

University Registrar
Jeremy Naab
Phone 216-368-4323
Email:  jeremy.naab@case.edu