Letter from President Snyder

Barbara R. Snyder

To the Case Western Reserve University Community:

I write today to announce the launch of a campus website devoted to our updated business policies. As you know, I believe strongly in transparency and accountability. These principles apply to all aspects of our efforts, including the use of University resources. Every dollar we receive in government, industry and philanthropic support is a testament of faith in our work and our integrity. Our every action should demonstrate that this trust is well-founded.

Our conduct of University business is one way in which we show our commitment to these principles. A first step toward that end is to establish standards that are clear and widely known. As many of you have shared directly with me, in many instances our previous policies met neither criterion. Some of our policies were wordy, and a few even contradicted each other. In addition, they were spread across different areas of our website and, in at least in one instance, existed only on typewritten paper in a single file drawer.

Last spring I appointed a task force of faculty and staff to collect and review existing policies and address issues of clarity and consistency. From there representatives of the offices charged with applying these policies offered suggestions based on their working knowledge of actual transactions. Now you can find the policies collected in a single location, with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections for each topic. In addition, the Office of Finance is coordinating a series of training sessions on a range of topics – including business policies – this semester; additional information on those meetings will be available soon.

We recognize that complying with University policies can be a time-consuming and occasionally taxing process. One of our goals in this effort was to ease some of the burdens involved; that said, we also must maintain internal controls to ensure that dollars are spent efficiently and appropriately. Striking a balance between these concerns is a constant challenge but with your help we will continue to move closer to that goal. The new site includes an area for you to offer comments and suggestions. We look forward to your feedback.


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