Your gateway to understanding the policies guiding the business of Case Western Reserve University

In an organization the size of a University, it can be a challenge to find, let alone understand, the policies for the various tasks employees undertake in their work.

So Case Western Reserve University President Barbara R. Snyder created a Business Policy Task Force (BPTF) to review and revise the policies and to assemble these policies here, in one central place.

Case Western Reserve's Business Policies
  1. Travel (updated Sep 2014)
  2. Meals & Entertainment

    Watch the new meals and entertainment policy video
    meals and entertainment video

  3. Organization & Club Memberships
  4. Procurement (updated 4/30/14)
  5. Procurement Card (PCard) (updated 10/22/2013)
  6. Payment & Reimbursement Policy (updated 3/26/13)
  7. Catering
  8. Use of University Facilities
  9. Personal Use of University Property (updated 2/13/13)
  10. Employee Recognition
  11. Cell Phones & Smart Phones Procurement Policy