Department of Bioethics

Dedicated to helping patients, clinicians, researchers,
policy makers, and the public meet the challenge of health
care choices faced in today's society.


The Programs

Bioethics Graduate Programs

Why Study Bioethics?

We are now accepting applications for the Master's Program that starts in the Fall of 2016. For more information please contact Marie at (216) 368-8718 or

The Mission

  • Provide excellent education in bioethics to students and professionals in the School of Medicine and throughout the University;
  • Contribute outstanding research and scholarship to the world literature in bioethics;
  • Provide local, regional, and national service to health professionals, policy makers, and the public;
  • Promote international bioethical dialogue through research collaborations, training programs, and institutional partnerships

What do our students say about the program?

Professor of Bioethics - Stuart
Director - Nicole
Medicine - Dorian
Nursing - Vanessa
MA Bioethics - TJ
Public Health - Matthew
MA Bioethics - Karen
Law - Erin