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Advancing the exploration of the distinctive aspects of Ohio's Western Reserve

The 2008 Western Reserve       Studies Symposium:

Regionally Speaking

A 'virtual symposium'

A series of  programs moderated by Gladys Haddad, Professor of American Studies and Director of the Western Reserve Studies Symposium on “The Livable City” and Its Neighborhoods.”  These conversational interviews engage community experts and leaders to discuss important issues for the City of Cleveland with a specific focus on Neighborhood Progress, Inc. and its six Strategic Investment Initiative neighborhoods: Buckeye, Detroit-Shoreway, Fairfax, Glenville, Slavic Village and Tremont. 

Programs are announced in advance and listeners invited to join the conversation posting questions and comments.  The programs produced at Case Western Reserve University are broadcast on its affiliated radio station WRUW-FM 91.1 and permanently archived in podcasts to allow accessibility.    

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Western Reserve Studies Symposium

Gladys Haddad, Director
Case Western Reserve University
Department of History
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH  44106-7107
Phone: 216/368-4117

For additional information regarding the Western Reserve Studies Symposium, please email:

ARCHIVES - Papers presented at previous symposia