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Créer pour Résister

Two Generations of Arab Women

France, Morocco, Algeria, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt

Project Director

Cheryl Toman

Associate Professor of French, Modern Languages and Literatures, Interim Director of Ethnic Studies, Program Faculty in Women’s and Gender Studies

International Institutional Collaborators

Centre Culturel Algérien, Paris
Lycée Louis-le-Grand, Paris
Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon
Femmes du Franc-Moisin, Saint-Denis, France

International Artists

Marylène Ingremeau
Khalid Kouhen
Zoha AbdulSater
Shezza Edris
Evelyne Accad
Nama Khalil
Naima Kitouni
Meriem Dahmani


Through a course titled “Women, Creativity, and the Arts” (WGST 301), this project introduced CWRU students to two generations of Arab women artists and sparked discussion of global women’s issues based on the artists’ varying geographical and generational experiences. The visiting artists were either 50+ years of age or 23-27 years of age. Their work demonstrated how Arab women use creative and artistic channels to speak out about personal and political realities in our world today. The project created international learning environments and collaborations for our students, established relationships with Paris institutions for CWRU students who travel abroad for FRCH/WLIT 308: The Paris Experience, and created an archive of the worldwide teleconferencing projects that can be used in future courses.


Students are now using libraries and archives in Paris to which they have special access. They have been welcomed into the centers, studios, and museums of the artists and scholars involved in the project. Courses that have been developed or enhanced as a result of the project have now been offered at least twice. CWRU has benefited from access to the project’s archived materials, which can be used in a variety of disciplines.

The teleconferencing technology worked excellently, with no notable problems. Students and faculty recorded lectures and dance performances on videotape for future use. Unfortunately, a concert recording was marred by technical errors and could not be archived.


Total funding: $6,489

The grant funded travel for the visiting artists and scholars from Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Two photographers and a sculptress purchased materials for the project’s art exhibit. The grant also supported a public concert in CWRU’s Amasa Stone Chapel, with sound engineers and appropriate sound systems, featuring two world-class musicians.

The projects and partnerships have become integrated into the university’s regular course offerings. The technology we now have in place allows participants from CWRU and around the world to be in regular contact using teleconferencing and other modes of communication.

Cheryl Toman

Cheryl Toman

Associate Professor of French, Modern Languages and Literatures, Interim Director of Ethnic Studies, Program Faculty in Women’s and Gender Studies
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