ulty travel to Bilkent as well as a later visit to Bilkent by the College of Arts and Sciences’ chief information officer to establish the groundwork for future collaborative projects. External partners helped fund a trip to Ankara by CWRU students and Bilkent students’ visits to CWRU. In addition, Bilkent University covered a $19,500 studio upgrade to support the course exchange.

The project has sustained itself in two distinct ways. First, the experimental course is now part of CWRU’s permanent course registry. Second, it has fostered an ongoing relationship between Bilkent and CWRU. There has been an exchange of visits by IT personnel from each university, and a student and faculty exchange program began in the 2010-2011 academic year.

John J. Grabowski

John J. Grabowski

Krieger-Mueller Associate Professor of Applied History at CWRU, and Historian and Vice President for Collections at Western Reserve Historical Society.
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