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Brian Gran

Social Policy and Children’s Rights >

Lawrence P. Greksa

Bringing Anthropology into the Classroom >

Anne Helmreich
Heather Lemonedes

The Art of Paul Gauguin >

Laura Hengehold
Gilbert Doho

The Cameroon Experience >

Paul A. Iversen

Landscape Archaeology & Epigraphy >

Lisa Koops

A Cross-Cultural Music Education Partnership in an Undergraduate Music Methods Course >

T.J. McCallum

Culture and Caregiving: A Global Perspective >

Todd Oakley

Language and Cognition >

John Orlock
Denise Caterinacci

The International Dramatic Writing and Translation Workshop and CyberFestival of New Plays >

Cheryl Toman

Créer pour Résister: Two Generations of Arab Women >

Mark Turner

Cognitive Science World-Wide Learning Environment >

Peter Yang

China in Transformation >