Teacher Education

Teacher Education CWRU/JCU Collaborative Program

CWRU/John Carroll University Collaborative Program for Adolescence/Young Adult Teacher Education

Teacher Education may be chosen as a second major by students enrolled in Case/John Carroll University Collaborative Program for Adolescence/Young Adult Teacher Education. Ohio Teacher Education can be attained from John Carroll University undergraduate students who complete the requirements for licensure candidates specified within their content field (primary major) and a second major in Teacher Education, which comprises 35 credit hours in professional education, 12 hours taken at Case and 23 hours taken at John Carroll University.

  • Adolescence/Young Adult Teacher Education programs are available in integrated language arts (English major), integrated social studies (history major), integrated mathematics (mathematics major), life sciences (biology major), and physical sciences (chemistry or physics major).
  • Multi-age licensure programs are available in French, Latin and Spanish.
  • State-mandated content area reading requirement.

For information concerning specific content requirements in the respective programs, turn to departmental listings in English, History, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Modern Languages and Literatures.

A 3.0 grade point average in all professional education courses and a cumulative overall GPA of 2.5 must be maintained to be recommended for Ohio Teacher Education. A GPA of 2.7 is required in teaching content area. Completion of the program does not guarantee award of licensure. The Ohio Department of Education also requires that candidates receive passing scores on the PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching) and Content Area subtests of the Praxis II examinations, as well as fingerprinting and criminal background check by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identificationand the FBI. Once licensed, teachers can apply to transfer Ohio licensure to over 40 states. Individual state departments of education can be contacted for reciprocity details.

The following are the John Carroll University admissions procedures for a Case student seeking Teacher Education:

  1. Call the Case Director of Teacher Education (Dr. Denise Dasvis, 216-368-1505) for an interview to explain the program and to obtain an application for admission.
  2. Obtain a current Case student transcript from the University Registrar and complete your JCU admission application. Return a copy of JCU admission application toDr. Denise Davis, Case Western Reserve University,Teacher Education, ClevelandSpeech & Hearing Center, 11635 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7108.
  3. Call John Carroll University (216-397-4331) and arrange for an interview with a JCU advisor, where you will discuss the John Carroll program requirements and your admission essay. Educational assessments will also be included in this interview.
  4. Program admission results will be mailed directly to you, and a copy sent to Edward Bernetich, Director of Teacher Education.