Dr. Brian Gran


The Public-Private Dichotomy


Much of my research focuses on what is considered public and private and how we draw the line between the two. Given my interests in law and social policies, my work often examines social policies that cannot easily be characterized as either public or private. I have examined U.S. governments’ roles, both federal and state, in collaborating with religious organizations to provide social services. Daniel Béland and I have edited a book on public-private qualities of social policies, in particular retirement pensions and health insurance (forthcoming fall 2008). Will Henry and I have published a manuscript on private prisons (forthcoming fall 2008). Under revision is a manuscript on how the Dover Ban is used by the federal government to control visual evidence about the current war in Iraq. Finally, I am preparing a book-length manuscript on how laws are used to designate boundaries between public and private social policies across the OECD countries.

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