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Program Description


The Robert Noyce Scholarship Program has four important elements.

1) The summer internships for students finishing their first and second years in mathematics and science majors.

2) The junior year mentoring experience.

3) The "reflective triad" thata engages the teacher candidate, CWRU faculty, and mentor teachers in a relationship in which teaching issues are explored in a collegial partnership that reaches across institutions and experience.

4) New teacher mentoring that utilizes advanced communication technologies to keep Noyce Fellows in touch with each other and their reflective triad.

CWRU will select 4 CWRU Fellows in the 2009/10 academic year; 5 CWRU Fellows in 2010/11; 4 CWRU fellows in 2011/112; and 4 CWRU Fellows in 2012/13.  There will be two Fisk Fellows in each of 2009/10; 2010/11; and 2011/12; and one Fisk Fellow in 2012/13.

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