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An education option is available with the B. A. degree. With it a student completes a B. A. in mathematics with a special minor in education. Upon successful completion of the program (and other state requirements), the student can receive Ohio teaching licensure at the adolescent to young adult level (grades 7-12) in Mathematics.
The teacher certification program in integrated mathematics is a cooperative program between Case Western Reserve University and John Carroll University.
The Mathematics requirements are essentially those of the regular Mathematics B. A. program. A student in the program should take MATH 150, MATH 304, and STAT 312 as the three mathematics electives listed in the B.A. degree requirements.
The minor is comprised of 36 credits of course work. 12 of these credits ( PSCL 101, EDUC 301, EDUC 304 and EDUC 338 ) are taken at CWRU. The remaining 24 credits, including student teaching, are taken at John Carroll University.
Here is a link to the bulletin listing of the CWRU-JCU teaching certification program, including course descriptions, information about state licensure, prerequisites, and program requirements
A student interested in this program should see an advisor as early as possible in order to see that all the major, minor, and general education courses are scheduled appropriately. A student must apply for and be accepted into the program.
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