Math 224 — Differential Equations (M. Meckes's section)

Instructor: Mark Meckes (pronounced "MECKess")
Email: mark dot meckes at case dot edu
Office: Yost 223
Phone: 216-368-4997
Office hours, starting Friday, January 16: MW 1:30–2:30 p.m., F 2–3 p.m. (Or just drop by and see if I'm around.)

Help sessions: Schedule is posted here

Class time and location:
MWF 11:30–12:20 in Bingham 304.

Web site (this page):

This site is where to go for all information about this class, including assignments. Blackboard will only be used for the online grade book.

Differential Equations, Fourth Edition, by Blanchard, Devaney, and Hall.

Course description
From the course catalog:
A first course in ordinary differential equations. First order equations and applications, linear equations with constant coefficients, linear systems, Laplace transforms, numerical methods of solution. Prereq: MATH 223.

We will cover most of the material in chapters 1–3 of the textbook, and selected topics from chapters 4–7. In addition to attending the lectures, you should be reading the text book since there won't be time to discuss all the material in class.

Homework is due each day in class. You will be assigned to a homework group; at the beginning of each class, you will have 10 minutes to discuss your solutions and revise them as you like before turning them in. Remember that your goal should be to write solutions that your classmates (and the grader!) can easily understand. This means you should generally be rewriting your solutions after you figure out how to do the problems, rather than turning in the paper on which you figured them out.

Assignments will be posted on this page (not on Blackboard!).

Students may work together on homework. However, each student must figure out how to write up his or her own solution to be turned in. That means for example that you and a friend may figure out together how to prove a statement, but the written-out solutions you turn in should not be verbatim copies of each other.

There will be 5 in-class midterm exams, on January 30, February 18, March 6, March 30, and April 17. The lowest midterm grade will be dropped.

Your grade for the semester will be computed as follows:
Homework 20%; best four midterm exams 13% each; final exam 28%.