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Minor in Judaic Studies


The minor consists of a minimum of 5 or 6 courses according to the following scheme, to be taken in consultation with the program director.

A. Introduction to Judaic Studies (JDST 201)

B.  Six hours from any of the JDST/ JDST cross-list courses such as:

  • JDST 208: Introduction to Western Religions
  • JDST 211: Great Books of Western Religion
  • JDST 218: Jews in Early Modern Europe
  • JDST 220: Jewish Traditional Art and Architecture
  • JDST 228: The Jewish Image in Popular Film
  • JDST 231: Jews in the Modern World
  • JDST 233: Introduction to Jewish Folklore
  • JDST 254: The Holocaust
  • JDST 268: Women in the Bible
  • JDST 280: Religion and Politics in the Middle East
  • JDST  314: Mythologies of the Afterlife
  • JDST 330: Classical Jewish Religious Thought
  • JDST 341: Jewish Urban History
  • JDST 350: Jewish Ethics
  • JDST 371: Jews Under Islam and Christianity
  • JDST 389: Zionism
  • JDST 392: Independent Study

C. Three hours from any of the JDST/ JDST cross-list courses or one of the following:

  • HSTY 257 Immigrants in America
  • POSC 370K Nationalism, Ethnicity and Religion in World Politics
  • POSC 379 Middle East: Politics, Economics and American Policy
  • HBRW 301 Advanced Modern Hebrew I
  • HBRW 302 Advanced Modern Hebrew II
  • HBRW 399 Independent Study in Hebrew

D. Two semesters of Hebrew (HBRW 101 and HBRW 102).

Students who place out of HBREW 102 must take another course from C as specified above.