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Minor in Judaic Studies


The minor consists of a minimum of 5 or 6 courses according to the following scheme, to be taken in consultation with the program director.

A. Introduction to Judaic Studies (JDST 201)

B. Nine additional credit hours of courses that have a "JDST" cross-listing.  Three of these hours, however, may be taken from one of the courses listed below:

           ENGL 365E Immigrant Experience

  • HBRW 201 Intermediate Modern Hebrew I
  • HBRW 202 Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
  • HBRW 301 Advanced Modern Hebrew I
  • HBRW 302 Advanced Modern Hebrew II
  • HBRW 399 Independent Study in Hebrew
  • HSTY 257 Immigrants in America

           POSC 370K Nationalism, Ethnicity and Religion in World Politics

           POSC 379 Middle East: Politics, Economics and American Policy

C. Two semesters of Hebrew (HBRW 101 and HBRW 102).

Students who place out of HBREW 102 must take another course from B as specified above.