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Currently under revision. Make sure you consult with the Program Director. Complete course descriptions are given under the appropriate departmental listings in the General Bulletin.

Art History Courses (Prerequisite: None)
ARTH 374 Impressionism to Symbolism
ARTH 381 Neoclassicism through Realism
ARTH 382 Twentieth-Century European Painting and Sculpture
ARTH 399 Independent Studies

New: World Literature Courses (Prerequisite: None)
For a complete list see the General Bulletin. Consult with the Program Director.

Economics Courses (Prerequisite: ECON 102; 103)
ECON 335 Comparative Economic Systems
ECON 374 International Economics
ECON 399 Independent Studies

English Courses
ENGL 366K Feminist Theory
ENGL 368A Introduction to the Film
ENGL 368B International Cinema since 1940
ENGL 368M History of Cinema to 1940
ENGL 390 Independent Study & Creative Projects

All 300-level German Language and Literature Courses:
Third-Year German Courses (Prerequisite: GRMN 202)
GRMN 303 Studies in German Civilization
GRMN 308 The Munich Experience
GRMN 310 Adv. Composition and Reading
GRMN 311 Advanced Conversation
GRMN 312 German Proficiency Through Drama
GRMN 313 Introduction to Literary Interpretation
Fourth-Year German Courses (Prerequisite: one GRMN 300)
GRMN 320 Studies in Narrative
GRMN 326 Witches, Weddings, and Wolves
GRMN 331 Topics in German Cinema
GRMN 340 Topics in German Drama
GRMN 350 Topics in German Lyric
GRMN 360 Topics in Major German Authors
GRMN 370 Topics in Literary Periods
GRMN 381 Topics in Adv. Studies in German Culture
GRMN 395 Special Topics in German Literature
GRMN 399 Independent Studies

German Studies Course (Prerequisite: Senior Status in GRST)
GRST 398 Senior Colloquium

History Courses (Prerequisite: None)
HSTY 309 Reformation Europe
HSTY 313 Women in Modern European History
HSTY 334 History of Nineteenth-Century Germany
HSTY 335 History of Twentieth-Century Germany
HSTY 397 Independent Studies

Music History Courses (Prerequisite: MUSC 221 is prerequisite for MUSC 222; consent of instructor required for all 300-level courses)
MUSC 221 Intro to Music: The Listening Experience I [if student has no significant musical background]
MUSC 222 Intro to Music: The Listening Experience II
MUSC 322 History of Western Music II
MUSC 326 Symphonic Literature
MUSC 327 Vocal Literature
MUSC 399 Independent Studies

Philosophy Courses (Prerequisite: PHIL 101)
PHIL 355 Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Philosophy
PHIL 358 The Frankfurt School
PHIL 399 Independent Studies

Political Science Courses (Prerequisite: None)
POSC 260 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POSC 367 Western Political Systems
POSC 399 Independent Studies

Religion Courses (Prerequisite: None)
RLGN 254 The Holocaust
RLGN 314/414 Jews and Christians in Germany
RLGN 331/431 German-Jewish Thought & History
RLGN 374 (same as HSTY 309)
RLGN 399 Independent Studies

Theater History Courses (Prerequisite: None)
THTR 228 Theater History I
THTR 229 Theater History II
THTR 399 Independent Studies in Theater Arts