Roles and Responsibilities

College and university contacts resources are available to assist you in your search for funding. These include the Office of Research Compliance, the Office of Technology Transfer and the Office of Grants Accounting.

College of Arts and Sciences

Martha Gibbons, Director of Foundation Relations

Guidance and support is available to individual faculty members and directors of interdisciplinary programs and centers in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The college's director of foundation relations consults on the development of proposals by reviewing materials, including applications and budget materials, and advises on proposal requirements, current regulations, compliance and clearance issues, and other related guidelines of the potential funding agency, the college, and the university.

The foundation relations director works in conjunction with the OCFR and the OSPA team.

Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations

Anne Borchert,
Executive Director of Corporate Relations
The OCFR Team


Office of Sponsored Projects Administration

Eric Cottington, Director and Associate Vice-President for Research

The OSPA Team

On behalf of Case Western Reserve University, the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) reviews and signs off on all proposals to external sponsors. All contracts with the university which involve sponsored projects are also reviewed, negotiated and executed by the OSPA. When awards are received, the OSPA generates the account information through PADS (The Proposal and Awards Database System), which transmits this information electronically to the Case accounting system. Changes to the accounts, communication with sponsors, and project close-out are also coordinated through the OSPA.