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Gilbert Doho, Associate Professor of French (
Ph.D. (1992): University of Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III.

His areas of specialization are Twentieth Century French Drama, Francophone Studies, African Performing Arts, and Cinema. A theater critic and playwright, he has published Théâtre Populaire et Réappropriation du Pouvoir au Cameroun (SHERPA, 2002).


Constantin Petridis, Assistant Professor of Art History, Associate Curator of African Art, Cleveland Museum of Art (
Ph.D. (1997):  Ghent University

His areas of specialization are Non-Western Art, especially in Central Africa. He curated an exhibition on the history of African art studies and co-curated the exhibition Face of the Spirits: Masks from the Zaire Basin. He has researched the art of the Luluwa people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (ex-Zaire) and the masks and art forms of the Tusyan people of Burkina Faso.


Kathryn Lavelle, Assistant Professor of Political Science (
Ph.D.: Northwestern University

Her areas of specialization are International relations, international political economy, international organizations, North-South economic relations, and Africa. Dr. Lavelle is currently investigating financial politics in the United Nations system.


Laura Hengehold, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Interim Director of French and Francophone Studies  (
Ph.D. (2000): Loyola University of Chicago.

Her areas of specialization are social and political philosophy, feminist philosophy, and continental/French philosophy, especially the work of Michel Foucault and Simone de Beauvoir. She is the author of The Body Problematic: Foucault and Kant on Political Imagination.


Marie Lathers, Truehaft Professor of French ( Ph.D. (1990): Brown University

Her areas of specialization are 19th-century French literature and art, the relationship between literature and the visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, film), and feminist theory. Her publications include The Aesthetics of Artifice: Villiers L’Eve future’ (North Carolina Studies in the Romance Languages, 1996) and Bodies of Art: French Literary Realism and the Artist’s Model (U of Nebraska, 2001).


Jonathan Sadowsky, Dr. Theodore J. Castele Associate Professor of Medical History (

Dr. Sadowsky’s main research interest is the history of medicine, especially psychiatry, in Africa and the United States. He teaches courses in African history, history of medicine and the body, and historical method and cultural studies. He is the author of Imperial Bedlam: Institutions of Madness in Colonial Southwest Nigeria.



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University of Buea contacts for student research and inter-university collaboration:

Dr. Joyce Bayande Endeley, Associate Professor (Agricultural Extension Education and Gender Studies), Chair of the Department of Women and Gender Studies, and Vice-Dean of Student Affairs and Records at the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, University of Buea, Cameroon.

Her research has focused on gender and agriculture, women’s empowerment, women’s credit schemes, and the impact assessment of development programs in Cameroon. She is joint editor of a new book series entitled Issues in Gender and Development, Volume One: New Gender Studies from Cameroon and the Caribbean. She has served as a consultant with various development bodies such as IDRC, Commonwealth Secretariat, United Nations, SASSAKAWA-Global 2000, PLAN International, and is a board member of development foundations such as HEIFER Project International Cameroon and the Cameroon GATSBY Foundation.