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Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Courses

ESTD 101. Introduction to Environmental Thinking (3)
Critical comparison of scientific, historical, religious, and literary conceptions of nature. Theories of environmental ethics, legal, and economic conceptions of environmental goods. Current controversies concerning human population growth, energy use, the consumer society, and attitudes towards animals.

ESTD 387. Multidisciplinary Approach to Environmental Problems (1-3)
This course is designed to illustrate, using a different topic each year, the necessity for a multidisciplinary approach to environmental problems in order to understand and manage environmental problems. Multiple faculty and community leaders participate in the teaching. Students registering for 1 credit attend weekly seminars; those registering for 2-3 credits do an individual research project in addition. Past topics include: lead poisoning in the urban environment, sustainability and the Great Lakes, setting environmental priorities, and reducing the University's environmental impacts.

ESTD 398. Seminar in Environmental Studies (3)
Small group discussion and student presentations concerning the cultural determinants of environmental attitudes. Each student presents two seminars on current environmental issues, one local and one global. Prereq: ESTD 101.

Graduate Course

ESTD 487. Multidisciplinary Approach to Environmental Problems (1-3)
(See ESTD 387.)