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The WRC offers several services to undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. For information regarding specific courses for graduate and professional school students and staff, visit our courses page. 




1. Individual Consultations.  At the WRC, undergraduate students can receive one-on-one assistance with writing assignments ranging from first-year writing projects, to humanities research essays, to lab reports and other discipline-specific assignmentsAppointments are available through the online scheduling site (WCOnline). Note: students are limited to two one-hour appointments or four half-hour appointments each week.


2. Workshops. Throughout each semester, the WRC offers hour-long, in-house writing workshops on issues of importance to first-year and other writers.  Some of our topics include: Generating Topics, Research and Documentation, and Preparing a Writing Portfolio.  Please visit our WRC Workshop page for upcoming workshop information.


ESL Students: The WRC provides writing assistance to students for whom English is a second language. While all of our consultants have undergone training to work with ESL students, some of our consultants have unique experience. We encourage ESL writers to visit our Consultants page. 



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Graduate and Professional School Students


 1. Individual Consultations. Graduate students can receive writing assistance on term papers and longer projects such as theses and dissertations. While we encourage graduate writers to take advantage of our services, we ask that they bring portions of longer papers in manageable sections, and come prepared to each session with a specific set of concerns. 


2.  Facilitating Thesis and Dissertation Writing Groups.  Occasionally, the WRC receives requests from thesis and dissertation writers whose needs extend beyond our services. We are happy to organize on-campus thesis and dissertation writing groups upon request.  


3. Referral Services.  The WRC is able to refer graduate writers to professional proofreading or typing services. 




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1. Classroom Presentations. Faculty members are welcome to request that the WRC Director, Assistant Director, or WRC consultants visit their classrooms to deliver a short presentation on the WRC and the resources that we offer to students.  Generally such 10-15 minute presentations take place at the beginning of the semester, but can be delivered at any time. 


2. In-Class Workshops.  The WRC can work with faculty to design and present in-class workshops on a variety of topics, such as the writing process, generating and focusing topics, drafting, documentation, revision, and editing. Please contact our Workshop Coordinator to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help your students become better writers.   


3.  Faculty Consultations. Case WRC Director, Dr. Jewell is available for individual consultation. Additionally, experienced consultants at the Writing Resource Center are available to discuss any aspect of writing instruction, including:

  • Response strategies, including sample responses to specific students' papers
  • Grading criteria and grading standards 
  • Assignment design & implementation
  • Classroom exercises and workshops

4. Writing Resources. Faculty members working in all disciplines are welcome to both take advantage of and contribute to our in-house writing libraryFeel free to e-mail us copies of your assignments, grading criteria, or any other writing-related handouts at


5. Faculty Writing Groups. WRC staff are happy to assist in coordinating faculty writing groups, and the WRC Library (104 Bellflower) is available as a meeting place for such groups. For more information, e-mail


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