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Faculty Writing Fellows Seminar


The Center for the Study of Writing held its inaugural Faculty Writing Fellows program in Spring 2008.  A select group of College of Arts and Sciences faculty members gathered weekly to discuss approaches to writing within and across academic disciplines.  Sessions ranged from practical explorations (e.g., of what "counts" as good writing across fields and disciplines, and of how best to help student writers throughout the University improve their writing) to theoretical discussions (e.g., of recent theories of writing in digital media).  The focus of this seminar was primarily pedagogical, and responded to the need of SAGES instructors for ideas about and strategies for working with student writers at all levels.  Nevertheless, the discussions ranged across student and faculty writing experiences and concerns. 

The syllabus for our seminar included suggested readings and resources: Faculty Writing Fellows Seminar Syllabus (PDF document).

2008 Faculty Writing Fellows
  • Carlos Crespo (Chemistry)
  • William Deal (Religion)
  • Linda Ehrlich (Modern Languages)
  • Kimberly Emmons (English)
  • Daniel Goldmark (Music)
  • Paul Iversen (Classics)
  • Michael Kenney (Chemistry)
  • Kurt Koenigsberger (English)
  • T.J. McCallum (Psychology)
  • James Overholser (Psychology)
  • Sara Waller (Philosophy)
  • Peter Yang (Modern Languages)
  • Tatiana Zilotina (Modern Languages)

At the end of the semseter, each Faculty Writing Fellow contributed a collection of suggestions for the teaching of college writing. "On Teaching College Writing" compiles these suggestions (PDF document).

Clark Hall space for our discussions was made possible through the generous cosponsorship of the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities.